Thursday, July 05, 2007

One laptop per child..

The One Laptop Per Child initiative comes unstuck just as it starts, in Abuja. There's no point having a laptop if there's no electricity..

Thanks PK for the link.


Anonymous,  10:23 am  

The OLPC was originally designed to be human powered; by a hand crank or pull string. Is this no longer possible?

Jola Naibi 3:13 pm  

Like Anon said...I too was under the impression that the OLPC was for the remotest part of the world where electricity and the lack of it would not be an issue. I have seen news reports of it working in remote villages in South Asia...where did it go wrong in Naija

uknaija 3:33 pm  

And what about maintenance? Or will they not need that?

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