Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mama Put by Seke Somolu

Seke Somolu's 30 min film Mama Put is showing in Harlem this Thursday (details below). You can see a 6 min clip here (having probs embedding YouTube today). New directions beyond Nollywood anyone? [thanks YO for the link].

Historical Harlem Parks Film Festival: Through African Eyes

7:30 p.m., ST. NICHOLAS PARK
LOCATION : 135th St. & St. Nicholas Ave.
RAIN VENUE : To Be Determined (visit for
Subway Directions : 2, 3, or C train to 135th Street

MUSIC : DJ L¹Mani V / DJ Stone


Welcome to Nollywood
(Jamie Meltzer, USA, 2007, 63m)

The burgeoning Nigerian film industry, known as
Nollywood, is reportedly the
most popular cinema in all of West Africa and the
third largest film
industry in the world. Welcome to Nollywood looks in
to this newly emerging
industry, exploring its peculiar inner workings,
economic challenges and
diverse array of colorful films.

Followed by

Mama Put

(Seke Somolu, Nigeria, 2006, 30m)

When a gang of three armed robbers arrive one night, a
struggling mother
soon finds herself feeding and sheltering criminals,
in return for money and
protection. But this fiery character uses her smarts
and talents in the
kitchen to extricate herself and her family


Anonymous,  8:01 pm  

What a welcome change from dreary Nollywood. Seke Somolu, our very own Tarantino!
How can one see the rest of this piece? I'm in MD.

Fred 9:19 pm  

Och, that was painful. Ponderous, plodding, pensive, piss-poor.

I eagerly await the day I can watch a Naija production and not have a gag reflex.

Ifeanyi,  12:57 am  

Hooray, Fred can alliterate.

You know what's ponderous and painful? The sight of your fat ass.

So, shut it.

Tola 12:30 pm  

I really liked it. It was smart and well put together. I really cannot stand the whole nollywood thing. I am glad that people are now starting to move away from it.

Christian Writer 2:42 pm  

Jeremy, this your blog sef.

Moni 5:01 pm  

fred, cool down.

them dey try small... better than nollywood. The situations are very naija. The sound didn't ruin my speakers. :)

Afolabi 5:17 pm  

I saw the clips on youtube, before you posted them, and it's on my blog too. It's well made and has a real storyline.

Anonymous,  10:21 am  

Seke studied film at Columbia. He is not of the Nollywood ilk, and some of his short films have been screened at international film festivals.

Talatu-Carmen 2:56 am  

was there. saw it. liked it a lot.

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