Sunday, July 15, 2007

The British and election rigging in Nigeria; the BBC to investigate

Document is a BBC Radio 4 series of investigative programmes that will go out (in the UK) for the next three Mondays from 8.00-8.30 p m. Readers of this blog will be interested in the programme to be broadcast on 30th July: it will examine claims that the British rigged the pre-Independence elections in Nigeria.

For background, visit Harold Smith’s website

See, for example, where Smith writes:
I was astonished to receive orders from His Excellency in 1956 telling me to help fix the 1956 State elections. I was to head a covert operation and, under cover of a study of migration, to take all Labour headquarters staff and transport to help elect politicians backed by the British. I replied with a minute that said, 'No.' These were criminal acts, expressly forbidden by the election laws of Nigeria and I could not carry them out. The Governor General and the British Government had it in for the Action Group, the government party in the Western Region. Robertson's remarks about the Action Group in his memoirs illustrate his deep animosity and hatred towards them.

A BBC team has recorded Smith’s allegations and will be investigating whether the British showed Nigerians how to rig elections.



Idemili 1:42 am  

Eh heh! I no talk am? I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true.

eccentric nana 3:12 pm  

very good! to learn more about this accusation of oyibo teaching nigerians how to rig elections, read Wole Soyinka's ibadan:the penkelemes years!
prof been done talk am siiinnnce!

Judy123 2:25 am  

Jeremy, its true, the British did. They always preferred the Hausa Fulani to the more educated west. The Yorubas often taunted their rule since they were the educated ones as well as the Ibos ..and this they did not take kindly to.

There are many experiences to back the fraud by the British: Take for instance the North and South population imbalance perpertuated by the rogue census. Statistically the census figures are incorrect and have always been. Using energy consumption figures, vehicle registration statistics, and school-leaving numbers all add credence to the fraud that the British have taught the North to perpertuate. There simply is no-one in the North! just vast desert lands!

Yes the British did it, yes they did!

catwalq 5:28 pm  

I am sorry, but is anyone out there ctually surprised by this?
How do u think the northerners remained in power for so long...?

Ola 12:12 am  

The Colonialist help under develop Africa.

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