Thursday, July 05, 2007

Portrait of a friendship

Molara Wood talks about her friendship with Bibi on her blog. The Caine roundtable today went very well by all accounts. A few building blocks to put African publishing on firm foundations were laid. Watch this space, or rather, this space.


Fred 11:05 pm  

You know, doc, for all the “gbanu-gbanu” I give you, I have to commend both you and your wife and give you both the “Stubbornness In The Service of Good” award for 2007. Keep up the good work.

Now if I can only get you to change your politics and all will be well with the world. {grin}

yemisi ogbe,  6:45 pm  

Bibi described as Diligent Yes, Highly Principled Yes, Soft spoken hmmm

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