Friday, July 06, 2007

Shall we rape him?

Aged 13 and finally going to the big school (Wolgarston, in all its ugliness), I used to cycle to Penkridge to spend idle Sundays doing nothing much. One weekend, I found myself in a bus stop on the A449 with three girls in the next year up. They seemed big and wild. It was shadowy inside this wooden-slatted half-room. One of the girls sniggered and then said, “shall we rape him?” As she said it, she moved to block my way out. I was shocked by the audacity of her suggestion, and its assumption that I would have no say in what happened.

Suddenly, my lungs were filled with the dankness of the space. The other two girls considered the proposal for a few moments. They looked me up and down, then looked at each other, then laughed dishevelled laughs. I felt a twinge of arousal, mixed in with fear. “Nah, its not worth it” one of the others answered. The first girl moved reluctantly aside. I walked out and went on my way. The air was fresh, my thoughts, dislodged.


Tex 12:43 am  

Haha, that's a pretty funny story. People can be cruel ;)

Mona 2:32 am  

still at it :)

well done avent been herein a while till i saw ur name under the lagos metro pic hehe

Afolabi 1:00 pm  

this is quite funny...but why were u scared u should have told the girl who said you weren't worth it, that they were missing out lol. Seriously, that must have be shocking to your young mind

In my head and around me 2:03 pm  

Jeremy, your "copyleft" underground pictures are everywhere. Even my work e-mail.

I'm speechless about this post. I have heard this happens, but by children to other children?


Okay, did this really happen because it is very disturbing to imagine.

Lol @ Afolabi's suggestion.

Anonymous,  5:13 pm  

why is this funny. especially in light of the abuse mentioned earlier. is this funny because jeremy is male?

Tayo 7:52 pm  

LOL. @ 13 years of age? That would have been traumatic!

Viaduct 8:17 pm  

LOL, that was funny, it reminds me of events that happened when I was younger and still lived in naija, it is interesting that nothing is new under the sun.....

catwalq 1:24 am  

those girls are useless sef/ is that how u will ask if u really want to rape someone, they would have just grabbed u...

i am not saying it's right...

Anonymous,  9:03 am  


I have images of Vicki in 'Little Britain' harassing you LOL

This is very serious, I remember reading an account of a boy rapped by 2 school girls 3 classes above him

Anonymous,  8:52 am  

All of this is good and well, but Jeremy i am surprised i do not see a follow up on the NIgerian that was drugged, tied hands and feet and gagged to death in Spain!!

A month later and still they haven't returned his body!!

When will our government show value for the rights of its people..i tire, it seems like we are constantly being abused whether it be our culture which grows more westernized by the day, our women who have lost more and more of their self-respect and now can be seen smoking and sleeping with tom dick and harry, our resources which is being capitalized upon by everyone but Nigerians (at least the majority), I work a lot in the enrgy sector and most financing applications for oil and gas fields are made by non-nigerians but rather Indians and Lebanese former corner shop owners who cam there to use the credit the tone of their skin allows them to execute...

Not to go on too much but i tire of all this gold dust being sprinkled on steaming faeces... I enjoy all this lovely chat about art, books and theatre but what does this have to do with the price of garri in Naij?

I shall stop now as i am tired, been up too early...I am just looking for someone to bring up a topic thats worth debating...

All you blogger please hear me, you are not the first and won't be the last people to keep talking about question is what can yuo do for your country, what is stopping us the new generation of Nigeria from forming a political party and developing our country ... no...we would rather talk about book prizes...those of you people who are writing from all over the world, be bold and take your first steps back home, do not live in a world built on other peoples sacrifices, it is time for you to sacrifice for your grandchildren, live through the hardship so your children and grandchildren can say wow...we are a great nation...!!

Signed..a frustrated Olu!!

Anonymous,  6:24 am  

Women are as bad as gangs of men it happened to me by 4 girls in my teens in the early seventies. And I got chased by a few of them at times and got away.

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