Friday, July 13, 2007

Ogbunike river..

Down from the cave..


Anonymous,  6:24 pm  

Ogbunike River is the source from Ogbunike cave where the water in the cave empties into the Kisa River. The cave itself has been looked down upon for many years but turning it into a modern day tourist center with hotels and paved streets will ultimatwely destroy the geology of this limestone district. It does carry a lot of unexplored ancient history with it

otakagu2000 6:26 pm  

Ogbunike and Ogbd ehich really means place where we came out of
cannot be put down by those prponents of migation story and their cohorts Our language and folklorebea witness.
Anagboo Anyaegbua.

Anonymous,  10:22 am  

Ogbunike River sourcing from the Cave is believed to be religiously it bacmesly important but when and how it began is unknown. Perhaps. the meaning is buried in the saying in Ogbunike that Ogba has no use for another perso's water meaning or denoting self-sufficieny and independence.
Dr.Anagboo Ayaegbua.(mutana)

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