Monday, July 30, 2007

Skimpy dressing the root of all evil..

Thank heavens someone has sense at last in Lagos! The new police chief Muhammad Abubakar has rounded up 90 skimpily clad damsels and their 3 dastardly male cohorts. I thank God that someone at last has seen the direct and obvious causal link between a woman showing a bit of shoulder and the rampant nature of armed robbery in the state. Knowing that at least some of these immoral girls are now hidden away behind the strong, wide and virile arm of the law will finally give Lagosians respite, as decency returns to swathe its virgin fabric across the South-West..


wienna,  10:52 am  

So, Jeremiah, could u pls elaborate to me more about d link between 'indecent dressing' and d high rate robbery in Lagos these days?

Chxta 11:13 am  

Our people as is usual chasing the shadows and ignoring the substance...

Vanilla 12:25 pm  

.... and next will be the elderly for crossing roads slowly and holding up traffic in Lagos, followed by men in suits in hot weather for sweating profusely and stinking up the city.

He is on target men. Getting rid of all the undesireables!

Funmi Iyanda 12:45 pm  

Dem done crase finish. jokes apart, this assault on women on account of dressing is a virus that is slowly spreading, l,m deeply concerned about what the outcome might be when it reaches the tipping point.

Atutupoyoyo 1:17 pm  

Have. Order. Their. Priorities. Got. They. Wrong.In. The.

Anonymous,  1:26 pm  

Sorry, but what has this got to do with the South-West? Is this a thinly-veiled anti-Yoruba attack or am I misinterpreting things?

Fred 2:50 pm  

Ah, anonymous, you give Jeremy too much credit: nothing he does is thinly-veiled.
@atutupoyoyo: superb! Hehe.

pumping! 3:01 pm  

Hi, jeremy met you at work in Abuja how is your yoruba wife, you told me about her.

Imagine, i am sure he is completely besides himself so how does dressing of females affect the crime rate in Lagos.
Fashola shold better relieve him of his appointment, cos it seems he has lost it.

Wordsbody 4:46 pm  

"Ah, anonymous, you give Jeremy too much credit: nothing he does is thinly-veiled." - Fred

Right Said Fred!

;-)he he he

Wienna & the anonymous who asked about the SW & the Yoruba: you may be misinterpreting things..


Afolabi 5:13 pm  

Ok, Jeremy I hope you're being ironic....Ofcourse you are! which kin virgin fabric of the south west

Ekoakete 5:47 pm  

What else are they supposed to be doing if not clearing the streets of filthy women? Forget all the armed robbers probably operating around town at that time of the night.

Oh, and for the benefit of anonymous above, I really don’t think the scantily dressed women should be arrested, I was being sarcastic…

catwalq 6:17 pm  

I am with Funmi Iyanda.
Who defines what s descent and indescent. i remeber once being "counselled" by one of my father's friends because I wore jeans. In his estimation perfume, lipstick and permed hair were the markings of demonic and sexually deviant behaviour.
I don't want to live in a society governed by misguided and pervasively prudish people, who would rather my sexuality be bent and beaten into a corner in deferenece to the man's.
Besides, who patronises these women, if not the lawmakers themselves.
Wake up Jeremy and smell the bullshit about to be dished about

Pink-satin 3:08 am  

lol lol..ha!ha!buaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!this is too funny!only in 9ja really!

MsMak,  4:06 am  

Lol! At least give the policemen credit for properly assessing their situation and making a 'tactical' decision to chase skirts instead of armed robbers with superior firepower. Safety first!

Meanwhile, what we need to do is convince the man to take his crusade to the entrances of hostels in Unilag and Yabatech, and if he's really serious, the boarding gates at MMA. Imagine all the scantily clad babes and big men he could catch. Instant fame!

Nonsense. Hisssssssssssss...

Anonymous,  4:11 am  


Story has it that the chasm between the DG of the Nigerian Stock Exchange
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There obvious motivation for this proposed investment by Mr. Otudeko was, as
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Judy123 5:45 am  

Very misplaced priority from the Nigerian Police. How about arresting the Boutique owners thereafter to send a message to the parents of these Teens. Now that will be what I will call REAL hard work!!!

luvin' naija,  1:37 pm  

I am not a woman but just must say that priorities are highly misplaced. I still do not see the connection between half clad gals and armed robbery, except if these girls are actually used as some sort of distraction to facilitate the attacks. If this is not so, then I think we should focus and realise that we are put at the mercy of a man who obviously has no idea of what security threats are apart from those of the supernatural as he is obviously well guarded day and night. I believe I love this country too much to let us be carried away by such nonsense. Let the man pay attention to more important issues, leave such trivialities to the commissioners of youths, sports or the environment, which I want to believe they would not be very interested in and help enforce our legal rights, amongst whish is the freedom of expression, which he was sworn to do like we all learnt in primary five ... i hope!

In addition, if you had any idea the percentage of ready but unmarried women in the society was, then you would not blame our sisters. I'm not saying that it's the best way to get a man, but when you are disadvantaged, I'm sure you are most driven to put our best foot forward.

Favoured Girl 6:28 pm  

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. *sigh*

Anonymous,  10:55 pm  

Heheheheeh! Jeremy you're funny.


Anonymous,  10:25 am  

I really dont know where in the Nigerian Constitution where wat a lady should wear is defined. The man should be realieved of his job and even prosecuted for violation of human rights. Its appalling and such can only happen in a country such as ours.

Hollywood Mama 6:53 am  

can you imagine nawa o wetin man do again so i no fit even land club towers again i musto wear skirt and suit....Lagos na you biko o...

Orinemia 2:33 pm  

In the Name of our dear God in heaven :

Orinemia 2:37 pm  

In the name Of our dear God in heaven In the name of all decent and holy:

Akwai wahala de yawa

Orinemia 2:46 pm  

I know you won't post my first comment...its too explosive for you. I don't get your inchoate and apparently mindless chatter. Where did you go to school?

GodWin,  2:04 am  

Its rather unproductive for people to resort to launching personal attacks on Jeremy.It should be about discussing the issues that have been brought up.Otherwise you why not come up with your own blog where people can eat their flesh and drink their blood.Its that easy.

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