Sunday, July 22, 2007

Millenium Park Church, Abuja

Taken today. Note the men wearing aso-ebi. In a few weeks time, this church will have a building and be doing well.


יש (Yosh) 1:28 pm  

[rant]So much for the green areas and recreation facilities.

The FCDA, or FCTA or heckeva it is should set a yardstick over what is and what isn't allowed at these parks. This "Millennium Park" has been abused since it was opened; loud music from wedding receptions and birthday parties. It beats me that one can't go there for some serenity.

There's also some hot spots for horny juveniles who go there to make 0ut and others who'd love to "shaolin" in the dark brushes around the area


Anonymous,  2:01 pm  

Amazing...totally agree, in no time it will have hundreds of members and will be the stuff of tales in say 10 yrs... reminds me of KICC in London about 10 yrs ago, grew from about 20 then to over 10,000 members today quite literally!

Uche,  2:40 pm  

There should be a new term for this madness/new wave of sprouting churchs in every nook, corner and parks.
Simply ridiculous. And I'm wondering why most of the guys are in uniforms?? Urshers maybe???


Anonymous,  5:41 pm  

Hey guys!! What about free speech and freedom of expression? C'mon, that's exactly what the park is for!! What is that martial arts/thai chi'ish thing you see people do in the park in england, or yoga/meditation, or... Be careful of urging the govt to regulate what we can or cant do at the park.. imagine FCTA lawfully being able to shine their lights into your parked car outside Millenium Park, and checking to see if what you and your partner( better be legal) are doing falls under City code B, subsection C... and if by God, what they catch you doing hasn't been invented yet, i it's frog march to Kuje to join Turaki and co? C'mon guys, live and let live..

יש (Yosh) 6:24 pm  

@Anon2: Like duh, ppl tend to take things for granted. There could be places where this is allowed. Actually, there's a park where one can take all the noise to, but they have to pay, it's opposite the National Hospital. Now just 'cos this park is free shouldn't mean everything goes. To some extent, there should be some regulation on what happens in these parks. I'd bet if fees r charged for that, you wouldn't find them there.

I'm not sayin there shouldn't be freedom of speech/worship, but human relations/consideration demands putting others into consideration. If u have to come worship, get it done in the right places, ambience and what not, not some noise. It's just like those C&S ppl litter the beaches with candles, incense and all that jazz...humph!

Idemili 7:03 pm  

LOL " Shaolin. Yosh, you 're funny.

Boosh 8:16 pm  

Jeez Jeremy and his "blog fans" are the gloomiest, driest ones on the planet.Y'all should lighten up! Jeremy, will it kill you to crack a smile now n again. Nigerina wahala will kill you if you're not careful o. How can I tell you dont smile when ur writing ur blog? One can just tell n when u contribute to Toksie and mandy's blogs u make teh rest of us slink off depressed. Well, The doctor is in. I recommend:

2 Nigerian videoo every day, pref. starring Ramsey or Jim. Nothing like there acting to make a bad day seem much better. I didnt send you to follow the plot or storyline cos there wont be any, just relax and enjoy

NTA Network news - life in Nigeria
is a comedy to those who think...

Blend 2 tbs of Zoloft, Viagra, Burantashi n Apeteshi. Dont swallow o, just gargle with it

Do all this n we'll see how you are next week...OK

N change your blog foto. Your fierce scowl is scaring the kids...

BOOSH (no, really!)

wienna,  11:11 am  

J, i thought u're an atheist, so wetin u dey do for church na?

Chude! 12:41 pm  

Boosh, LMAO @ "and change your blog foto. Your fierce scowl is scaring the kids..."

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