Monday, July 09, 2007

White gown church on Bar Beach

recorded today with my crappy camera video recorder..


wienna,  12:08 pm  

And d point of dis is.....

Funke,  3:59 pm  

Wow! Brings back major memories... My family and I went to Bar Beach EVERY Sunday without fail in the Seventies. We would be running around in our bikinis covered in Sand and generally doing 'Beach' things. Then we would all pause as we saw the Aladura?? Church come down to the water, praying, singing and having what looked like a great time. They always looked so 'ghostly' in their white and very intriguing. Thanks for the vid Jeremy. If you ever see the performers on the beach who 'rub' swords across their bellies and in their eyelids ouch!, please, please video that. NOBODY believes me when I describe what they used to do

Aderonke,  8:32 pm  

To Wienna,

the point is a recording of everyday life in an African city. It might not resonate for you, this short footage transported me back to my childhood in the early 80s going to bar beach and seeing the Aladuras. Gosh funke, I remember those performers with the swords as well. for years I thought it was figment of my imagination because nobody seems to remember them. So thank you cause I am not alone with this memory.

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