Monday, July 30, 2007

Dan hoyle speaking warri pidgin

The guy behind Friday's posting (Tings dey happen) - speaking Wafi..


man 8:15 pm  

The guy dey try, but the audio makes it pretty difficult to hear clearly.

This short clip doesn't capture the context, but these imitations appear to be making fun.

It doesn't sound much like Warri pidgin to me... sounds more like Lagos pidgin.

wienna,  11:33 pm  

Is it me or d dude looks like a retarded guy speaking chinese and double dutch mixed together? Didn't understand what he was saying in d first 2 mins.

Atutupoyoyo 12:37 am  

The audio isn't the best but from what I could hear it sounds like he nailed it.

He clearly has a talent for mimicry but hard to judge the overall context.

Chxta 6:25 am  

@ Man, that is authentic Enheren Junction Wafi.


Please tell me he is bringing his show to Washington, D.C. Please.....

Anonymous,  3:53 am  

his body movements are too apelike. I maybe im missing the context. doesn't look like I'll be seeing the play

Anonymous,  10:57 am  

There is a link:

Which has an audio interview with Mr Hoyle. If you listen to it you get more of the context of what this is all about. It is not simply an Anglo-American performing a send-up routine of Nigerians. He spent 10 months there, he studied "oil politics" at Port Harcourt and criss-crossed the South-South region.

He has structured a play about what is happening there - regarding oil , money, development etc. This was depicted by him representing numerous characters all of whom are played by himself.

It is interesting that a foreigner was drawn there to study such a topic, in such dilapidated surroundings (this was remarked upon many times by the students of Uniport - University of Port Harcourt). It could even be looked upon that it is flattering that pidgin English in the "West African style" is gradually being recognised by the rest of the world. He clearly picked this up from his immediate surroundings, it begs the question if the locals had been speaking Ijaw would he have been able to penetrate the society so deeply?

Thank you for the post Jeremy.

Anonymous,  1:51 pm  

This is impressive! It's almost as remarkable as a West African native speaking French or (heaven forfend!) English. I've personally heard the latter. It's akin to watching a dog move about on two hind legs: never mind if it's well done, it's wondrous that it's done at all.

Anonymous,  5:20 pm  

I sent Jeremy this link. I think the bloke's a total nob end.

Anonymous,  9:53 pm  

I'm really enjoying your blogs, its a real insight into how non-nigerians see nigeria.

Waffarian 8:18 pm  

The guy try small sha! i don see oyibo wey stay warri almost 20 years, and even dem, their pidgin no dey dis level! im try, but next time, make im try correct all those im monkey moves, the thing spoil the whole show oh!

ada,  12:09 am  

Sorry.....he looks like a mentally challenged man speakin pidgin.

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