Sunday, August 12, 2007

Albert Speer Jr in Abuja..

The news that Hitler's architect's son, Albert Speer Jr, is in charge of the Beijing Olympics Master Plan reminded me of his earlier work helping to design Abuja. This article gives some useful stats on the largest building in Abuja, Speer's Federal Secretariat Complex, which took five years to build. Apparently the building consumes 500,000 litres of water and 6MW of electricity every day. I'm sure Prince Charles would use the word 'carbuncle' to describe it..


Moni 5:28 pm  

The Federal Secretariat Complex is um... fugly, not to mention the environmental impact. Who are these architects and who chose them?!

oguro,  10:57 pm  

orwellian maze to nowhere is how i'd describe it. a monument to an ineffective central government. pull the awful thing down i say! son of speer or not.... its crap crap crap ... same as that disgusting shed called the conference centre. this what happens when you let contractors appoint architects. abuja is a lost opportunity to have gotten some world class architecture. apart from the central area planned by Kenzo Tange, EU complex and the Fuksas' AIST [i wonder if yardie go slow will let this happen]its a big joke. who let the idiots that did the NCC into the country? we need competitions, better schools of architecture, scrapping of the Federal Government fee scales that were devised in the 70's ... We need great architects to be a great nation .. i guess we are too preoccupied with gathering crumbs to think ... it begs the question is architecture relevant? or do we just accept building? any thoughts?

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