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Covenant University HIV testing

I blogged about this about a year ago, and now the story about Covenant University's compulsory HIV testing has come round again. Bishop Oyedepo's University requires that all students take a test as a condition for graduation. Pregnant female students will not be allowed to proceed to graduation; it is not clear about the fate of those who test positive.

This Day has weighed in with its typically erudite, nuanced and sophisticated perspective here. We can only be grateful that such strange practices are being swiftly and decisively dealt with by those powerful critical minds who populate our fourth estate..

Thanks to Bella Naija for the link and the story.


kemi,  6:13 pm  

This Day has weighed in with its typically erudite, nuanced and sophisticated perspective here.
You really need to not do that. I rushed to read the ThisDay link only to find the typical bullshit.

I wonder if they refund the students the tuition fees if they choose not to offer degrees.


olu 6:18 pm  

Yet again, another editorial written with utter ignorance. Nonetheless, universal HIV testing is probably the next logical step in checking the spread - the CDC overwhelmingly recommends the policy; it's only a matter of time before it gets implemented.
I mean, we already routinely test for gonorrhea and chlamydia in just about every woman of child- bearing age here in the US, and no one thinks a negative test makes them any more promiscuous. Just about every pregnant woman enrolled in a govt. funded ante partum care gets tested whether she knows it or not.
Since research data show that knowledge of status gives an expectant mother and the unborn child a fair chance at a healthy life, I see why it can't be extended to inherently self-destructive humans -like me and you- everywhere : )

Okunrin meta

Chude! 10:44 pm  

I keep hoping this story isnt thorugh. Bishop Oyedepo and his people dont get it do they?! This IS discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS! It's actually a national policy matter!! Isnt there like a penalty for this?! So what happens if someone has HIV? You dont give him his certificate - and that's not the same as refusing to eat with a positive person because...??? Cest La Vie...!

MsMak,  6:01 am  

I found out about Covenant's policy last christms, while talking to my friend's younger sister who had just graduated from there. I thought she was joking. She told me of a course mate of hers who got pregnant in the middle of her last semester, and who, despite having taken and passed all her courses for the past 3+ years, was not allowed to graduate. And of course, you cannot take your credits earned and go to another school to finish, to the best of my knowledge. Oh by the way, did you also know that they are not allowed to carry cellphones on Campus and they have to obtain permission in order to leave campus mid-semester? Its a boarding secondary school basically!

So a person's life should cease just because they've gotten pregnant or have AIDS. What if i got raped? Or what if i contract HIV after going in for a blood transfusion? Is it my fault? ho knows, if you're a divorced woman you probably wont be admitted. And this is a CHRISTIAN University.

@ Olu: testing is not the issue. Everyone should get tested. Its the discrimination that accompanies the negative test results, and the idea that your educational and career progress is dependent on your status that is the problem here...

Fashion Victim,  11:45 am  

This reminds me of the Betty Irabor case. I've just been on this blog called RUNWAY AFRICA where the blogger is so grateful that Genevieve published her letter on the controversy.

My reply to that blogger:


Betty Irabor published your letter on her HIV fiasco and you're soooo GRATEFUL. At least now we know your original intention had been to get her attention rather than make any heartfelt point about AIDS ignorance. Well, you got Betty's attention and you got published too. Congratulations. As achievements go, that's a WOW!

Lolita 10:46 am  

It is a Private University with its rules that are clearly stated before entrance, there should not be any whining of any sort.

If you don’t like the rules don’t go there! Ah ah!

omohemi Benson 12:45 pm  

I disagree with the last lolita,
saying it is a private university
it is a private university yes, but with a responsibilty to the society.
If we donot curb all these their excess now,soon admission will be based on virginity!

Every time,I am amazed by the depth of the shallowness of the Nigerian media.
Even if we say the Church,or precisely here Oyedepo, is uneducated what about the journalist that is suppose to educate us? Is sexual tranmission the Only way of getting HIV?

Consequently, primary prevention through sexual discipline which the Covenant University promotes is the only effective means of stemming the tide of HIV/AIDS among the Nigerian youth. Obviously the tradition of Covenant University stands as a big moral check on the sexual escapades of many of its students. If the students know that the university will subject them to pregnancy and HIV tests sooner or later, they will refrain from indulging in immoral sexual activities.
since when did pregnancy&HIV test prevent people from refraining from sex?
So does having sex and HIV makes me less of a human being? This country and its many foolish laws and bull we drink is so disheartening.
He who has no sin, cast the first stone.

Christian Writer 12:52 pm  

Rushed to read the article and was appalled. So the girl who got pregnant and had to leave, what will become of her seeing that she cannot complete her degree and will therefore have diffulties finding a job to feed herself ad her baby? As for the HIV+ people, so what if they are HIV+? Does that mean that their lives are not of worth? That they do not have the right to be educated as well? J, I'm vexed and it's all your fault for directing me to that bullshit article. And as for the policies of that university, seeing as it's private, I guess they have the right to lay down their policies, however misguided.

God help us.

Jaja 5:12 pm  

Those who test positive for the HIV test would have to wait for their Healing.
they would of course be presented with their Certificates after this Healing has Fully manifested.

soheb,  6:48 pm  

Was that an editorial? Was THAT an editorial? Like, WHAT?!

Blue 9:26 pm  

cI think the writer must have written that article tongue-in-cheek, because surely whoever wrote couldnt have been serious, or am i missing something here? Is it now legal to penalize people for being HIV+ or pregnant?
If that was a real article, then I have to say that ThisDay has really taken butt-licking to another level. I mean WTF!

Anonymous,  10:27 pm  

CC: Bob Jones University in the good ol U.S. of A.

Jola Naibi 5:45 pm  

Universal HIV testing is important especially in settings where there is a high HIV prevalence rate. Moreso as it is meant to help control the spread of HIV. This is because a high percentage of people who should do not know their serostatus. One of the main reasons why people refuse to know their serostatus is because of stigma and discrimination which CU and this editorial from This Day have done a wonderful job of promoting. It is unfortunate that people who should know better decide to close their minds and be so inward-looking in their views. Anyone with a little bit of instruction knows that sexual contact is not the only way that HIV is spread. There are children living in our world who were born HIV-positive...they have never known a life with out it. Are you saying if there is a potential student born in the 80s to an HIV positive mother who contracted the virus in utero...(and since there is all this sex talk I'll throw this in too---has never had sex in his/her life---not that it even matters) the university would refuse to admit him or her. And to those people who keep saying it is a Christian University...take a look at that scenario and ask yourself WWJD

Anonymous,  3:23 pm  

i sugest since the school is a christian university they should be able to cure AIDS or HIV not sending the student away.i believe ther's God in cu and if they dont get heal in God's presence where else, allthings are possible with God.i think the founder or management should pray that the affected student come cu so as to get heal, jesus says in my name shall they cast out demon, sending student away is not the solution or no man of God that has the annointing if the answer is no then i refer cu to TB Joshua the man in synague.u can send ur student and God in him will heal them , am a leaving testimony.

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