Thursday, August 30, 2007


A potentially momentous (and long awaited) announcement yesterday - the NNPC will be no longer. The government's oil company is to be broken into five small pieces in the next six months.


Chxta 12:06 pm  

Let's hope that unlike NEPA (so far anyway), that this actually leads to efficiency...

Anonymous,  4:09 pm  

5 more ways to chop money!

oguro,  9:03 pm  

good riddance, welcome more chop chop!!!
.. i wonder doesn't this need to be passed as an act? one gets the feeling that baba go slow is a bit of a dictator ... oh i forgot he was installed by guns to ballot boxes. the sorry chap agreed that the elections were rigged so why doesn't he do the honuorable thing and stand down? its alright for him to talk about adherence to 'rule of law', if he really believes this he should walk the walk and forget the rhetoric. it sounds strangely familiar

kayode 8:50 am  

Nigerians !! Think Positive plz. GEEZ :)

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