Monday, August 13, 2007

Hotel Doris Dey

in Benin City. All it needs is a lick of paint and a ballroom..

Thanks to PK for sending the pic.


Chxta 1:16 pm  

I remember this scene from my childhood. The place hasn't changed at all...

loomnie 3:11 pm  

I remember the hotel from my Benin (NYSC) days....

Anonymous,  3:31 pm  

Jeremy, THIS is the real carbuncle.

What the heck is that? And the shack in front of the hotel?

Nigeria is a strange, strange country. I have been to other West African countries and they are not nearly as wild as Nigeria.

Anonymous,  3:50 pm  

Notice it says 'doris "dey", as in 'Doris is in', or 'Doris is Happening', and not Rock Hudsons screen partner!`

Omodudu 11:58 pm  

I remember this hotel, 'twas hot at some time in the past.

Patrice,  1:49 pm  

Que Sera, Sera . . .

Anonymous,  1:29 pm  

Have stopped over there a couple of times and compared to other hotels in Benin city, this has got class. At least you are guaranteed electricity and clean ammenities

Anonymous,  5:39 pm  

is a big hotel.bulit by inaexpericed dirctor.and mangement.she wasted money for norting there.she should hand it over to experince people to manage for her.

Anonymous,  5:45 pm  

good looking hotel.but bad mangement.she should hand it over to capable hands to manage it for her.she wasted money for northing.

Anonymous,  3:21 pm  

you need come to this hotel is nonsense.and how she run it.hotel bult by an illetreat,who dont know how to use money for businesse.she should face her drinks buz,wht a shame to her

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