Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nigerian literature blogs

A couple of good blogs which focus on Nigerian literature:

Sumaila Isah Umaisha's Everythin Literature
Ibrahim Sheme's Bahaushe Mai Ban Haushi


negresse adoree,  4:17 pm  

Thanks for this, Jeremy. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Pius Adesanmi.
"I believe that any language is capable of carrying the weight, culture, intellectual traditions, and civilization of the people to whom it belongs. No language is more masculine, or more feminine, or more robust, or more "civilized" than the other. But in matters of aesthetic experience, if you really want me to state which of the two languages (English or French)moves me the most, I will definitely vote for French."
I admire his dedication to his subject and his obviously powerful intellect.

Anonymous,  4:44 am  

I second negresse adoree in thanking you Jeremy for bringing our attention once again to things like this. Judging from these two blogs, I guess there is a lot going in Northern literature. But how come we in the South hears very little about them?


seema 1:18 pm  


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