Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nigeria's e-readiness

The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2007 Global E-readiness Assessment ranks Nigeria as 62nd out of 69 surveyed countries, a fall of 2 places from last year. Click here to download the full report.


Anonymous,  1:52 pm  

looks like nigeria's rank may have fallen, perhaps because more countries were added. But its overall score increased from last year, which speaks more to its e-readiness

catwalq 12:22 am  


Anonymous,  11:10 am  

Jeremy, I couldn't help but notice that you made no mention of the outcome of the DNA tests on Abiola's 'offsprings'. Could it be that you were under strict 'gagging' orders by Iyawo(who is a friend of Hafsat)?

Jeremy 11:22 am  

Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous - there's too much news in Nigeria for me to comment on everything. I only saw the headline of this story in the newspapers but didn't get time to read...

So no, no gagging orders were in place.

I wonder who you are?

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