Thursday, August 23, 2007

Identity fraud

As ever, a tiny percentage of Nigerians do their utmost to give everyone else a bad name, and sink the value of the green kpali ever further into the mire. Here is a particularly sad example of identity theft in the UK. It will be interesting to see how much of the UK2m investigators can recover from Nigerian banks where the money was deposited. How despicable that Oriyomi and Tunde Williams made money out of dead babies.


Oyibo! 3:24 pm  

"She was said to have written “I am so sorry Your Honour, please forgive me” 36 times on 286 pages of prison paper."
no 'soft landing' for you, love, you're going to jail.

Atutupoyoyo 3:36 pm  

13 months already served? The man will be released in six months and the woman in 12. With over a million quid still to be accounted for they will view the time as a fair exchange. They bloke will have his T.V, playstation and enjoy three square meals a day.

There are still so many loopholes in the benefits and tax credits system that this is far from the last case we will hear. It costs far too much to tighten up security to the level required to reduce ID fraud. The Williams of this world will ask themselves £2M for a potential two years IF we get caught? Most will say "Why not if not?"

negresse adoree,  4:03 pm  

Many people have been conditioned to see "government" money as free-for-all. Not really stealing to help yourself to your share of the national cake, is it? So the bad egg Nigerians abroad ruthlessly extract as much as they can out of the system. Still, I believe the incidence of Naija instigated benefit fraud in the UK is now much lower than in the horrendous 1990's - small comfort for our national dignity.

nigerian,  8:47 pm  

On hearing the length of her jail term, she threw herself under a bench in the dock and the court had to be cleared.

Mad woman. Such a short sentence and she is still acting up. The sentences are too short, abeg.

omolabake 2:50 pm  

It's sad how we get upset whenever our name and that of the country is being tarnished in the media. Yet, we have people like this still doing everything possible to destroy it. I won't be surpised to learn this couple have a mansion somewhere.....

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