Friday, August 10, 2007

Slowly, the screw turns..

The boss of NNPC is for the chop; the DG of the Bureau of Public Enterprises is to walk the plank thanks to a whistleblower - business as unusual in Nigeria. Yar'Adua's game is slowly slowly catchee monkey. The rules of the game in Abuja are changing. Its a pleasure to be here to watch it happen...


Anonymous,  9:19 pm  

naijablog, rest assured Yar'adua (who will be removed after four years) is from the old guard. The only difference is that unlike Abacha, IBB, etc, he seems to be deceiving some people. He is a thief, just like his masters.

Jeremy 9:40 pm  

I'm sorry anonymous that's just not good enough - on what basis do you make that claim? Who do you think his 'masters' are? I suspect that, in the absence of any sustained analysis from you, you are simply succumbing to increasingly out of date forms of cynicism.

Afolabi 11:06 pm  

luv ur reply jeremy to anonymos, I'm not in Nigeria, could you please reply on how situations are generally, Is Yar"adua different (in a good way) from the rest of the pack. Cos I read a review on him by the us government as been a man of dignity even if he was a product of an election that was filled with flaws. PLEASE REPLY

Anonymous,  4:06 am  

“And who are you?”, SHE asked.
“I am nothing”, HE replied.
“But”, THEY interrupted, “who, in fact, is SHE?”.
“Just another passive observer”, I, yes I, said… wondering perhaps whether I really understood what THEY, or for that matter, WE really knew who we were.

Anonymous,  4:13 am  

I am afraid, ladies and gentlemen, that the time has come to confront the truth about ourselves.
Are we indeed just passive observers?
If we believe them to be doing the right thing, then we must show our support.
If we do not believe them to be doing the right thing, then we are compelled to revolt.
If we believe them to be doing neither the right nor the wrong thing, then we are just as effective to the healing of Nigeria as Big Brother is to the healing of our cultural souls.

Anonymous,  11:17 am  

my sentiment exactly, it`s a shame i`m not in the country to enjoy it, but pls feel me in as it onfolds. i so long for this.
Umaru just proved is a Nigerian.

myself,  6:19 pm  

nicely said jeremy.

i think even Obj is gettin scared of 'his man'.

plus no more demolishing abuja. whoppie!!!

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