Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Live duiker, for sale...

By the Yar'Adua Centre, instead of the usual fish being held up for sale, yesterday, a man held a baby duiker, cradled in his arms. The deer-like animal's large eyes bulged out, anthropomorphised into a human mix of hope and fear. A doe, for sale, for meat, something between veal and venison no doubt. Today, the animal will have been killed and digested, and no one would know. The space where the man stood and cradled the animal is now empty.


Quentin 7:26 pm  

Aaaw, as always the cute animals get all the sympathy.

Anonymous,  9:23 pm  

or the ones considered 'intelligent'

Afolabi 2:32 am  

playing devil's advocate- I would have loved to have a taste of this meat that sounds exotic..

Anonymous,  7:01 pm  

Some interesting issues related to this, on livelihoods v conservation, e.g.:

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