Friday, August 10, 2007

The Jam

25 years on, The Jam sound as good as they did back then: the early snarls of This is the Modern World, the menace of Down in a Tube Station at Midnight, the delicate strength of English Rose, the lacerating anger-chords of Private Hell - all sound fresh and full of blood in 2007.

Listening to Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and co with a nice bottle of Les Collines Blanches Sancerre Rose, I connect back with my adolescence in a flash: that room in the attic with Byron's words written on the wall, the ghost ill-at-ease down the corridor, and the narrow confines of the village outside. All I wanted was a Vespa ride out of there..


Anonymous,  4:40 pm  

I recall you riding my Vespa around the island outside your home to your mother's amusement! Two stroke smoke - 50ccs of screaming "power" and half an hour to move 50 yards! I haven't listened to The Jam for years but will get the vinyl out of the loft tonight!! Cheers

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