Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lagos Transport update

From today's Guardian Nayjeeria:

Lagos to boost water transportation with seven routes

By Ajibola Amzat
ALL the major waterways are to be developed by the Lagos State government to ease congestion on the roads.

Already, the state government has identified seven routes on the waterways, which it plans to develop to achieve mass movement of the residents to their offices and business places.

The routes are Badore - Marina, Ijede - Ipakodo (Ikorodu), Oworonsoki-Elegbeta-Marina, (LASU) - Mile 2, Oke Afa - Festac, Mile 2 - Marina and Ikorodu - Marina.

At the luncheon organised by the alumni of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ibadan in his honour, the Commissioner for Transport, Professor Bamidele Abiona Badejo, said that road alone cannot solve the problem of transportation. The new routes, he said, would go a long way in solving the problem of commuting in the metropolis.

Badejo said that the dredging of the routes though took off during the administration of former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but much of the work was yet to be done. He assured Lagos residents that more efforts would be committed to complete the exercise and make the new routes work.

According to him, the government has formed a transport advisory committee to give administration feedback on the state of traffic in the state.

Badejo, who declared his intention to make the roads free of traffic snarl within a short time, said that the trunk terminal at Orile had been opened for use by tanker drivers. "We have asked the tanker drivers to park their vehicles at the terminal to give other motorists chance to move," he said.

The terminal, he said, can accommodate 500 tankers, "so also we are setting up parks where other vehicles owners can park their vehicles, we need to make transport flow well in Lagos."

On the problem of over population, Badejo lamented the dearth of Government Reserved Areas (GRA), saying that there was a need to build more of such estates in the state. "Lagos being the sixth most populated city on earth should have several GRAs in order to reduce the high density in the state. There should be GRA in Ikorodu, in Mile 2, in Ipaja area and others."

The chairman of the event, Professor Kunle Adeniji advised government to focus less on road transportation, especially in populated states like Lagos.

Adeniji said any state having up to 17 million people requires rail transport system.


mochafella 10:50 pm  

Good start, hope the implementation is just as good.

Anonymous,  11:58 pm  

Its about time...

Waffarian 12:41 am  

They should do it already and stop making mouth! water dey, canoe dem dey plenty!

Anonymous,  12:37 pm  

Amen to implementation with beureaucratic bottlenecks

MsMak,  2:31 pm  

I read something to this effect a year or two ago. The article says dredging took off but most of it is yet to be done.

We know all this already. I am sure you can go to some government office and find dusty drafts and proposals on this same matter from 20 yrs, 10 yrs, 5 yrs ago.

We don't need to hear/read another one. Can't we be like NIKE and just DO the damn thing?

Chxta 3:47 pm  

Keeping our fingers crossed...

anonymaus,  9:36 am  

The plus is that they are actually thinking about the issue of planning for an urban environment which includes transportation for the city's populace.

The downside is that implemenation, does not follow planning there and health and safety issues along with maintenance are not upheld. So my guess is that it won't be long before, dead bodies will be found floating in the creeks due to 'avoidable' accidents - all because of the need to make more money, or that the inspectors were bribed to look the other way. Maybe one day, such lessons will be learned without the unnecessary loss of human life.

The other unspeakable is population control, it will have to be tackled sooner or later, but preferably sooner.

Anonymous,  9:04 am  

Speaking of transportation issues. Lagos is going places oh. Check out the BRT scheme that has been recently launched and then....shhhhh.. its a secret ... if you go to blinknigeria.com there is a new service to be launched in MAY. this service is privately owned. I think this would be a great year.

Ademola,  12:25 pm  

So guys and particularly to the doubting thomases, can you now see that the transportations initiatives are now taking off... the latest and biggest I hear is EKOTAXI like the New York cabs, London cabs etc. They have a functional contact centre where they use technology to dispatch taxis to their passengers. I think its great. I have been able to gather some information from www.transcoop-ng.com and www.ekotaxi-ng.com

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