Thursday, August 02, 2007

Motorbike Rally in Abuja this weekend..

Charlie Boy is hosting a motorbike rally this week-end, starting on Friday evening at his Punk Palace mansion in Gwarimpa, followed by a ride through town on Saturday. Should be quite a show..


AbujaBabe 3:11 pm  

Ahhh! I Live in Gwarinpa, Wish i was there to witness i am sure it will be very very colourful.

How You doing Jeremy?


Moni 3:51 pm  

gentlemen, start your okadas! ;)

catwalq 5:51 pm  

why won't this guy channel his efforts into other useful ventures? What happened to the Charly Boy Show? Or is he not aware that he is no longer in his twenties?

Anonymous,  7:41 am  

but why should he? why should Africans only focus on useful stuff? So we are not allowed to cultivate hobbies? Or is it because there is so much need in our society that we shouldn't go beyond the daily grind of existence?

I beg, Nigeria needs the likes of Charly Boy. They disrupt our neat idea of what we should be doing - however temporary that maybe. They make us pause and reflect for a moment. In Abuja when you see those boys go by you can help but stop with both thoughts of admiration and yet a seductive pact with death.

So, I welcome Charly Boy and his Boys (cause they are usually boys). I will be going to the meeting and I hope I'll be able to catch a rid e on one of those bikes with the aim of eventually getting my own and then hopefully more women will show more interest instead of staying at home doing useful stuff like having babies, cooking, primming themselves for a man who was never really theres, singing their guts out to some Jesus man that doesn't give a toss about them or even aware of their existence, working the triple shift of home-maker, sex goddess and breadwinner.


Anonymous,  9:17 am  

Do you know where to get a good view of them without going to Gwarimpa?

Anonymous,  3:27 pm  

Alake! Couldn't have stated it any better. Especially with our genration, we have the opportunity to explore hobbies outside the norm. For me, I love hiking, kayaking, ballooning, mountain climbing, rock climbing etc. and yes, I have always wanted to get a bike. And yes, I am a Nigerian woman. Most of my naija friends accuse me of trying to be "white" because I like to explore new things.

Even here in the states women riders (though more common) are still looked at as anomalies. It's about time we get out there. Luv it!

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