Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kannywood's Show of Shame

Anyone know if the Usman clip is on You Tube/You Porn yet? A friend sent me the story yesterday (not sure of the source):

"Mass Expulsion Rocks Kannywood
•Over 20 Superstars Sent Packing
•Confusion Bedevils Yet To Be Released Films
...Filming BANNED in Kano

Following the emergence of a video clip recently portraying Maryam Usman (Hiyana) having steamy sex with her boyfriend, a Lagos based bureau de-change operator simply identified as Usman Bobo. The clip was recorded by the man sometime last year. Sources told Leadership Weekend that it was because he wanted to boost his image before his colleagues that he showed them the clip to prove to them that he has an intimate relationship with the Hausa film’s upcoming star.

The sudden release of the clip brought a lot of controversies to the industry. Kano, being the heart of Kannywood, was raging with turmoil. Some Islamic scholars quickly called for the immediate apprehension of the culprits in order to ensure sanity in the industry, while others advised that a special prayer session be organised to arrest the unfortunuate incident. On the other hand, some condemned Hiyana and called on the state government to ban all activities relating to film production in and around the state, claiming that the films were out to ridicule the moral teachings of Islam and the rich cultural heritage of the Hausa community.

However, the chairman of Kaduna State Film Makers, Alhaji Sa'idu Gwanja, quickly summoned his members to an emergency closed door meeting. At the meeting, which lasted for hours, where a special screening committee was set up to be chaired by Alhaji Ibrahim Mandawari. The committee was given a mandate to immediately investigate and ban any actor found guilty of committing any offence in the industry.

A few hours after its commissioning, the committee chairman announced the names of some of the actors to be expelled. Top on the list were Maryam Usman (Hiyana), Kubra Dacko, Safiya Musa, Zahiyya Sulaiman, Fati Usman (Slow Motion), Hafsat Yadilan, Ummi Nuhu and Muhibbat Abdulsalam. Others are Maijidda Abbas, Ummi Ibrahim (Zeezee), Sa’adiya Mohammed (Yarari), Farida Jalal, Hannatu Umar, Hajiya Zainab, Shamsiyya Habib (Kansakali) and Mahe Ibrahim.

The list also includes Hauwa Rafin Dadi, Fati Fale-Fale, Ismuha and Auwal Isa (West). Some people were placed on suspension, pending when a clear judgement is passed on them. They are Hassan Giggs, Baba Karami, Abba El-Mustapha and Kabiru Gwangwazo (A-Rayu).

Already, the Kano State Censorship Board has announced that it will not censor any film that casted any of the affected persons. In another development, the government, in conjunction with Kano State Film Makers, has banned any act of film making in the state until further notice. This means that no actor is allowed to take part in production or filming activities within and outside Kano State.

Shortly after the announcement, the chairman of Kano State Film Makers, Alhaji Sa’idu Gwanja, in a press conference, assured journalists that his organisation will leave no stone unturned in order to investigate and deal with all the bad eggs among the actors. He said the committee has been given a free hand to perform its duties. Hear him, "It is an unfortunate incident, we pray to Almighty Allah to help us take care of the problem. I strongly blame some businessmen and top government officials who lavish the actresses with money, just to satisfy their personal cravings. I want to assure you that we are out to sanitise the industry."

Also commenting shortly after the commissioning, the committee's secretary, Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Sarari, said the committee has come to cleanse the entire industry and assured the general public that every member will be scrutinised and if found guilty, expelled.

Already, the 23 year old actress, Hiyana, was said to have been taken to an unknown destination by her fiance, who is presently making all necessary arrangements for their wedding. He was quoted to have said, "I don't care about the scandal. All I know is that I love Maryam and I will marry her. Look, let me tell you, even if all the men in Kano have slept with her, I will still marry her. I love her for who she is." The lover boy took the decision to take her away from Kano in an attempt to protect her from the threats and deluge of rage that followed the emergence of the 'film.'

Already, an average home in Kano and Kaduna States has seen the 8 minute video clip. From Tafawa Balewa local government of Bauchi state, Maryam Usman joined the Hausa film industry two years ago. Her mentor, Ali Nuhu, tried all he could to bring her to the limelight, which is part of the reasons why he gave her the lead role in his film, Hiyana. Immediately after the release of the film, Maryam's stars began to shine and she joined the clique of stars like Fati Mohammed, Safiya Musa and Kubra Dacko and others.

The special committee set up was to mastermind all affairs related to film making in the state henceforth. People have started commenting on the objectives of the committee. The chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Mandawari, vowed to work tirelesly in order to restore sanity and do away with vices in the industry. He said in a swift reaction to questions by journalists immediately after the commissioning of his committee, "We are going to fight all acts of indiscipline in Kannywood. Anybody who interferes or threatens to sabotage our efforts will be dealt with. The unfortunate incident that happened to Maryam Hiyana is a lesson to all and I believe she is now regretting her action. We have to take dire measures against any future reoccurrence."

To all Kannywood stakeholders, the time has come for the survival of the fittest."

Given that 'the average home in Kano and Kaduna States has seen the 8 minute clip' it seems there is a ready (and waiting) market for Hausa porn...


Anonymous,  9:39 am  

Hi, I've just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. Any chance you could stick on an RSS feed so I can keep reading it without having to look every day to see if you've posted something new (lazy bugger, ain't I?)? Thanks.


Afolabi 1:01 pm  

yup..we got our own Paris Hilton. Who knew she'll come from sharia ridden north. And my o my, she definitely did ruin the sanctity of the holy muslim community.

Anonymous,  2:51 pm  

Is no one noticing the fact that there is the existence of a 'Kannywood'? What? The North is a COUNTRY now?

Ok, Igbo kwenu!!! Let's go form 'GBOLLYWOOD' or something. What happened to one Nigeria?


Raven Chukwu 3:53 pm  

You know, reading the phrase "the average home in Kano and Kaduna States has seen the 8 minute clip" I found myself smiling at the image of all the alhajis and alhajas crowding round their living room TVs with an excited halo of onlooking kids. Most of the other online reports however give the impression that the clip has actually been circulation from mobile phone to mobile phone.

If this were some other (less prudish) country Maryam's popularity would probably shoot through the roof (Witness Paris Hilton and, my personal favorite, Severina Vučković a Croatian pop star and abstinence advocate who was caught on tape doing the nasty with a married man).

Anonymous,  5:32 pm  

To anonymous 2:51pm, the Northerners have a right to name their industry whatever they want.

And there is actually no law in place asking Igbos not to name their industry Igbowood if they want to, or the Yorubas Ooduawood or Yoruwood.

Ekwi,  9:26 pm  

@ anon 5.32, abeg make we hear word. Let us stop fuelling ethnocentric ideas pls.

anywayz, this lady's fiance na wayas o, why would he release the film in a transferable form?

catwalq 9:54 pm  

what is wrong with people?
she had sex and so?
if no onehad sex, we wouldn't all be here...
why all the hypocrisy

Anonymous,  1:25 am  

this is a really an open show of shame. I read the video is really spreading in Kano.

I stumbled on a blog that may interest you: nigeriangist.blogspot.com

Talatu-Carmen 6:01 am  

Here are a few other links on this story: http://allafrica.com/stories/200708160711.html; http://www.leadershipnigeria.com/product_info.php?products_id=11227&osCsid=b7ef438aa96c5f614fb2b16586d87810; http://www.tribune.com.ng/19082007/news/news10.html; http://www.tribune.com.ng/14082007/news/news5.html; http://www.reuters.com/article/wtMostRead/idUSL1318548320070813.

Ibrahim Sheme, as owner of FIM magazine and editor of Leadership, also has commentary on his blog: http://ibrahim-sheme.blogspot.com/

anon 2:51, i'm not sure who exactly came up with the term "Kannywood" (I think it was the media and not the practitioners themselves) but if you were to watch Hausa films you would find them very different in genre, theme, and market from other Nollywood films, and perhaps that is why they are considered to be a slightly different, although related, industry.

Christian Writer 7:48 am  

"I don't care about the scandal. All I know is that I love Maryam and I will marry her. Look, let me tell you, even if all the men in Kano have slept with her, I will still marry her. I love her for who she is."

How noble of him.

mofi,  1:29 pm  

in my experience what we call nollywood for the most part details urban igbo life (i wonder if this is why most of the names in the movies are english, so it is less obvious. sure the issues may be the same but the execution is different. so it could be gbollywood for all we care. the yoruba film industry is also there, portraying most of the same issues in a different and using yoruba as its main language. i dont think its anything to do with one naija, its just catering to the different experiences

as for ms. hot in bed, she should have just denied the thing, i mean really, they would have to show the video clip to her face now so what is there lol. at least now i know there is a kannywood, always been interested to see what the north would come up with.

Anonymous,  5:42 pm  

mofi, there's a difference here. though there are yoruba language films, you don't hear them being termed anything but nollywood. additionally, though nollywood has a lot of igbos running it, you do find plenty of other ehtnic groups mixed in with it. the kannywood represents a divisive mentality

The Bamboo,  8:49 am  

Clip now showing here:


negresse adoree,  3:11 pm  

This country is racked with crime, corruption and poverty, and the focus is first on clamping down on "indecent" dressing, and now on criminalising sex between consenting adults... fiddling while Rome burns. Meanwhile, watch out for the explosion of Kannywood as a result of this incident.

Anonymous,  4:14 pm  

the bobo no sabi nak ojare. ah ah, 2 minutes e don finish. anyway, this is hardly enough to cause all the wahala the conservatives ar emaking out of it

Ade 11:03 am  

Annonymous. The guy no do 2 minutes o.
Na 1 min 23 secs the guy do. What a tosser. He can't even fuk properly.
Did you notice the look of pure disgust on the lady's face when he was done?

Anonymous,  3:10 pm  

who has the website that has the show. it's no longer showing in the video.

mofi,  6:52 pm  

@ anonymous

err yoruba movies are not part of nollywood. as for the the involvement of ethnic groups in nollywood, sure there are but in my opinion it is still overwhelmingly ibo...forget the namebrand actors and actress....look at the the cast list and production crew names after every nollywood film and you will see what i am talking about. furthermore, like i said earlier, the execution of the plots has an ibo hue to it, the issues might be universal but the portrayal of those issues is rather foreign to me as a yoruba person, after all my yoruba grandma does not curse in igbo.

the Bamboo,  7:25 pm  

anyone who wants the film - email me at [email protected] and I'll send it to you

The Bambooster..

Anonymous,  11:01 pm  

err yoruba movies are not part of nollywood.

how so? how you figure?

mofi,  3:48 am  

@ anon
the yoruba movie industry itself doesnt consider itself part of nollywood and im pretty sure it is not funded by iweka road or alaba market

literature on nollywood rarely if ever mentions yoruba language films

heart of nollywood is surulere, doubt ud find name brand yoruba actors and actress hanging about there

i believe they are marketed differently

obviously this is all from observation but yeah

Anonymous,  7:07 pm  

its a shame how ignorant most people here are about the north. i read this blog all the time and sometimes i get so frustrated with the stupid comments here. (not by the blogger funny enuf)

its why i will always call myself a northerner before a nigerian... cant wait for the day we finally formally divide.

zainab 2:28 pm  

Hiyana has become a hilarious anecdote, what a shame. take some time out, albeit a sec to ponder at how distressed she is. just keep a kind thought in your head at all times, it may just be your last. be rational and not stupid.

anonymaus,  1:15 am  

Here's a link to view not often heard.


Calling for a more thoughtful and sober and less reactionary approach to this incident. My question is I wonder if anyone will listen? Melodrama and ill-thought through responses characterise many decision making bodies there ie Nigeria.

Oga Blogger 10:00 am  

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Abdullahi Jaafar Adamu` 3:02 pm  

we know that anybody in his right senses wouldn't like what happened but alone has gone a long way in telling us what they do in kannywood since some of them confess that.

habiba yusuf,  11:04 am  

hi succesive people keep moving they mak mistakes but they never quit why did u choose to quit. we human being learn from our mistakes so pls dont be embarased life is all about the mixture of joy and sorrows am always proud of u good bye

iFaqeer 9:38 am  

"Gbollywood"!! That has to be the most creative thing I have heard in a while--wonderful idea for a name!!

iFaqeer 9:39 am  


Wallahi!! Very cool suggestion. That's got to be the creative thing I have heard in quite a while!!

Anonymous,  4:21 pm  

gbollywood would have been the best name ever created. maryam hiyana's case is an act of destiny, and it can happen to anyone. who knows what you do out there hiden in the room.

reks,  4:28 pm  

so what if there is kannywood? is there anything in noollywood that indicates that represent the north? so why wont the northerners have their industry and name it what they want

Baby girl,  6:49 pm  

maryam hiyana i strongly advice you to take him to court and charge him for personality and character assasination, it is against nigerian constitution.

may this man that did this never see good thing in his life and almight strike him with thunder tornadoe disease of any kind that have no cure and i pray you will never use that penis again.

you mr bobo or what ever you call your self you will suffer and beg for food and the hand that posted this i declare you rotten.

Anonymous,  6:56 pm  

God punish bobo, so what having sex with a girl friend is she the first person and film makers should not post this type of clip.

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