Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Marital Technology...

An interesting perspective on marital relations appeared in a letter to the Daily Graphic, Ghana's highest selling daily, today. Thanks Abena for the email.. (Click to enlarge)


Anonymous,  11:18 am  

This writer can't possibly be serious, crazy mf.

Kayode 12:08 pm  

Is the publication a satire? I taught sex help prevents prostrate cancer not the other way around?

lmao sex is a magnet to diseases.

Bro. Tee 12:47 pm  

Half truth is no truth. The Bible has a better recommendation.

Afolabi 12:55 pm  

"architect, Marital technologist"
what do you expect??

bruised but not broken,  2:21 pm  

yxThis whole write-up is a joke, right!!!
If it wasn't, then why was I laughing so loud and so much after reading it.

Anonymous,  3:57 pm  

I bet this repressed idiot goes around sucking off little boys in the public toilets of Accra.

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