Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is Lagos

The building that collapsed a year or so ago in Lagos Island is still as it was just after the tired invisible giant decided to sit down and rest awhile...


Michael Effiong 10:04 pm  

This is sad.It just shows the stae of our state.Things that should shock sane human beings are commmon in our land. God help us.untill the rest of the building collapses and kill innocent people, no one will act.Its a shame.

Anonymous,  11:09 pm  

I used to work in that building...

oguro,  11:22 pm  

... we have intitiative after initiative, reams of paper lots of posturing from Engineer X and Dr y all with great ideas of 'beautification' of Lagos !!! bloody incredible !!! no normal society will allow a building of such prominence in the core business district of its economic to be left like this. I thought our great friends, that sinister appendage of Bilfinger und Berger were supposed to be dealing with the building i.e. demolishing. Oh! I know Engineer Hans hasn't presented his report with the usual pomp to His Excellency for the panel of Distinguished Technocrats to review ... it is a mass of mangled steel and rotting concrete, it should take no more than 4 months to demolish and clear the site... I suspect its being held up by a legal hitch ... we must have capable minds who can demolish a building !!!! haba!!!

Obinwanne 3:22 am  

i know the building as well on the sad its been left like that since the incident, another example is the burnt NNPC building on lagos island as well, it got burnt i think in 2004/2005 and its been like that till date....

יש (Yosh) 2:28 pm  

even if na North Korea we dey...kai

Ugo Okafor 10:42 pm  

I saw this building when I was in Lagos last I wonder what the municipal government are waiting for before they demolish the whole building to the ground.

The building has the potential of imploding under its weight and weakened structure thereby creating further problems for everybody.

Anonymous,  10:42 pm  

Lawd have mercy!

Lola 12:10 pm  

One day it's gonna collapse and more people are gonna die....just like one day the third mainland bridge is going to give way and what a disaster!..............that's why we keep praying cuz in this country we live in, ANYTHING can happen and does.

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