Saturday, August 11, 2007

Starbook - an interview with Ben Okri

Ben Okri interviewed by Maya Jaggi in today's Guardian.

Lagos was "both a shock and a delight. I saw it was possible to be a human being in a totally different way. It was like going into a multidimensional world. That gave me my aesthetic matrix, where a sense of alternatives became natural. There was no one world-view, but as many worlds as there are ways of seeing."


Waffarian 2:44 am  

Very inspiring! I like that he is different, not afraid to speak about religion, especially as a Nigerian where you are expected to say "We thank God" for everything! Definitely refreshing!

negresse adoree,  6:20 pm  

Contrary to the previous comment, I find the man baffling and unreadable, a nightmare of style over substance. Perhaps I am simply not "intellectual" enough...

sivuyisiwe,  7:01 pm  

Wow- i am yet to find another auther that could by far take my mind into a complete journey of intelectual fantacy and beuutifuly dramatised magic. Amazing amazing choice of words and good way allowing the reader a freedom of woundering and exploration. I love the freedom of mind that Ben Okri has and how he allows the reader to fee their mind and soul and just travel with the journey of the truth within the story. I love The poeticness of Ben Okri's Story telling and the playfulness. Everytime i read one of Ben Okri's books i am super excited because i know that it will take me to onather worls less travelled but felt the essence of importance and connection as well as self realisation. Thankyou for the true insperation. From your biggest fan Sivuyisiwe Giba

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