Monday, January 19, 2009

419 bullseye

Just when you thought that the whole world must now know about 419 (and therefore the business model would collapse), there is the sad story of Shane Symington from Portsmouth. Thanks Ellie for the link.


Kody 9:30 am  

I'll be predictable and give the obvious response anyone should have to this article.

1) What an absolute dingbat this man is! They didn't play on his 'good nature', but his absolute lack of a functional brain. Why would anyone regard someone you have only 'known' for a few weeks and never met, as a friend?

2) How is it that a Postman has that much money or access to credit? Surely, no-one works as a Postman because they love the job despite having access to 130k

Anonymous,  1:04 pm  

hear hear

Obi Iheme 3:49 pm  

Why would a grown man with common sense give his bank details to someone he doesn't know? The "419" scams are perpetuated by criminally-minded people on one side of the coin and on the other by equally duplicitous people, or in cases like this, plain stupidity.


Aronke,  6:10 pm  

hear hear (II)

anon 2,  6:17 pm  

apart from the header in the telegraph, I don't see where it says the fraudsters were Nigerian...

me,  7:01 pm  

Anon 2, the fact that they have pulled off this scam automatically qualifies them for honorary citizenship.......Don't u get it??

'derin,  8:03 pm  

bladdy mugu deserves what he got

Obi 9:57 pm  

In some crazy Darwinian world, this is good news!!
The stupid do not deserve money!!!
Think of all the damage stupid people could do with all that money!!!

Anonymous,  11:13 pm  

Ok, ok we all know its a Naija scam. But hey, not everyone thinks like a Naija. some people genuinely care, and feel for strangers in need. Not only family and friends, otherwise the world would be a rotten place. We are naturally suspicious people, due to our unique set of circumstances. Still, the man should have twigged that it was a scam, but looking at that photo of him in the telegraph, he looks like a loner, etc. still no excuse to be scammed. We cannot all have high IQ's and think like Naijas. After all where has it got us to date?

UndaCovaSista 1:11 am  

This raises so many questions in my mind, the first one being - how on earth can a UK postman afford to be so reckless with £100k. The second being - why does he remind me so much of the cartoon character - Desperate Dan?

RJ 2:04 am  

And we know they were Nigerian fraudsters how?

kazey 5:48 am  

Its sickening to rationalize a scam like this at the same time it is quiet amazing that we still have people out there, that are willing to give a stranger about 100k, as a reflection of good nature.

One thing that makes me ponder though, is the fact that it had a "worth $2m (£1.38m)" inheritance bait to it.

Seriously are inheritance

Toks- Boy 7:24 am  

Love the line "you just can't trust people you meet on the internet." Oh really? Who would have guessed?

But kudos to the fraudsters. In these days of credit crunch managing to earn £130,000 in less than a month will surely get them on to the Sunday times Rich List soon?

Anonymous,  8:21 am  

'POSTMAN LOSES 130,000 TO NIGERIAN FRAUDSTERS IN INTERNET SCAM'.But from the scant details of the story, it is not stated anywhere at all that the scam was perpetrated by Nigerians. Another clear instance of the Western press tarring all Nigerians with the same brush. SHAME!

Ms. Catwalq 6:42 pm  

I sympathise with his loss. However:
1. You should suspect a friendship that suddenly starts to make demands when it has not earned the right to.
2. Secondly, it appears he went online looking for more than friendship or how would you explain him relinquising financial details so quickly and openly?
3. Like one of the commenters, it is not clearly stated that the fraudsters were Nigerian. I guess we as a people are going to bear the brunt of all accusations of internet based crimes.

Ellie,  1:29 pm  

This guy is clearly (a) a few sandwiches short of a picnic when it comes to intellect and (b) lonely. But there's always another factor in these scams: GREED. As for access to credit - don't forget that up until very recently any man and his dog could get credit cards at the drop of a proverbial hat.

Anonymous,  2:29 pm  

Obviously postman Oga was scammed... but how did Angela Davis in America automatically become Nigerian? Abi has the Oxford Dictionary now officially recognized Nigerian as the synonym for scammer?


Anonymous,  9:16 pm  

A fool and his money are soon parted..

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