Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tribal marks: for or against?

Excellent story on NEXT on the banning of tribal scarification in Osun State, here. Are you for or against?


Lost at The End 5:49 am  

tribal marks are okay just not for kids. Set an age limit or something. Like tattoing in countries like America where you have to be 18 to get a tattoo. Honestly, I'm kind of bummed out that it's been banned.

You never know, maybe the ban is the publicity tribal marks need to find its way into popular culture. Perhaps it would engender the rise of a youth counter cultural movement that would go crazy with scarifying. You know, like alcohol prohibition in the 20s, LSD in the 60s, and Lennon's statement that the Beatles are bigger than jesus.

(laughs). Wishful thinking.

gungun 4:26 pm  

Definitely against, mainly because the child has no say. I have cousins who have scarification marks and that they are older, they will tell you they'd rather not have them but tis too late. It's an outdated tradition that has long (50 - 80yrs) passed it's usefulness.

Waffarian 5:04 pm  

Funny enough, isn't circumcision the same thing? the babies have no say either yet we make the decision for them.

I don't think anybody has the right to decide how a body that isn't yours should look like.

I am fascinated by tribal marks and enjoy looking at them, but would I like them on my face? No.

.Blue in Green 5:51 pm  

I agree entirely with the view of lost at the end.

Anonymous,  6:03 pm  

everything gungun said.

Ms. Catwalq 6:49 pm  

I agree with Lost At The End. A child cannot decide whether or not he/she wants the mark but possibly a teenager can decide. These marks are part of culture. We, Africans have always had one way or the other of identifying our ethnicities against others. Asians, latin American cultures also have them.
All that is required in this case is for there to be some sort of education available so that young men and women can decide if they wish to have such marks made on them because they know what it means and what it entails.

Goy 7:53 pm  

Against. I agree with the previous comments

That said - just because I'm curious about these things - what's the received wisdom on circumcision these days?

StandTall-The Activist 8:13 pm  

Have got marks on my face which is in no way tribal but momma got them done cos I was having convulsion as a baby. And do I appreciate these marks. No way!
I cannot for the life of me comprehend why anyone would want marks on their faces. My older sis and bro had according to the tradition, so was my father and mom. What the heck.

The ones in the north are even so horrible, well I doubt if the people having them think so. I saw, a lady of about 16 just getting that spiral looking marks. What?
If, I have to stop activism on this, I cano

o opesan 8:54 pm  

Three separate debates. Facial cicatrices, male circumcision and female circumcision have one word in common: tradition. Apart from all being traditional Yoruba practices, the discourse of whether to retain or eschew such practices are separate and distinct.

Sticking with only facial scarring, I'm glad nearly all the posts see the ban as a good thing.
Those in support of this practice should recognise that if given the choice, 99% of the population exposed to the mildest impact of Western education would reject the offer of scarring for life along with the offer of being crowned king. If they think fame, majesty and wealth is worth such a sacrifice, let them ask Seal!

.Blue in Green 9:15 pm  

My God, I just saw Yaradua's pic and he looks really gaunt. Even my late father didnt look that bad when he was about to leave the planet.

BTW: The Next project is an excellent one considering those behind it. I think we should all give as much support as necessary.

Lost at The End 9:37 pm  

@ Blue in Green,

NEXT is a revolution o! I am totally losing my mind over it.

CodLiverOil 12:51 pm  

Regarding tribal marks.
I think it is unfair on the child to subject them to that against their will. It should be left until the child is 18 years. Once an adult (18 years of age), if they want it so be it they can go ahead with it.

The other thing, when I first saw them when I was a teenager, I always thought Nigerians with their marks, speaking their own languages, dressed in traditional attire, look really graceful and distinguished (it is an insight into another world). But the price shouldn't be forcing misery upon children though.

.Blue in Green 6:53 pm  

I am enjoying every bit of including dele olojedes travels around Nigeria. This is a very crucial aspect - its a fantastic read.

Sandrine 8:07 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I am against anything irreversible done to someone's body without their consent.This includes circumcision,excision and tribal marks.I don't think that tradition justifies it.Just because something has been done for gazillion years doesn't make it right.

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