Monday, January 26, 2009

The future is vegan...

The signs are all around us, if only we have eyes to see it.

As the planet starts to boil (we, the unnoticing lobsters) and the money runs out, what can we do but go veg? Here.


Anonymous,  2:06 pm  

"the future is vegan"? perhaps, but not according the guardian newspaper article linked here. Dig those CHEESY pizzas(no pun intended) in the picture... Hosps doing meat free not dairy free a la religion vegan.

Aronke,  3:15 pm  

Some people dey want make i quench, dem say make i no chop meat, olorun ma je oooooo!!!! Olorun ma je, olorun ma je, olorun ma je, olorun ma je, ke de ra gba be oooo!!!


Chxta 7:30 pm  

Future vegan? So where would a carnivore like me run to?

Kody 8:52 pm  

.....As if being in hospital is not bad enough. Next, they'll be asking patients to share baths to save water..

Anonymous,  7:29 pm  

Vegan? Extremities are not the answer. What is and always has been is responsibility. In this case responsible eating. American's and their 5 pounds of meat consumption per citizen per week has got to stop. McDonalds and Burger King should be stopped however.

Anonymous,  6:15 pm  

why would anyone think that veganism is extreme and not remotely think that eating dead flesh one of the most extreme act one can do? I eat meat and I am not about to give it up anytime soon. But, I think if we are talking about extremes, then we meaters are more extreme than vegans.

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