Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fatai Rolling Dollar goes rolling..

Jan 31st at Jazzhole, Ikoyi (gate fee N2.5k)

Feb 5th at Salamander Cafe, Abuja (gate fee N5k).

Faaji master Rolling Dollar will be accompanied by Sina Ayinde Bakare (guitar virtuoso) - playing songs from their new album out on the Jazzhole label.


Nuggetzman 10:21 am  

Abeg I dey protest ooooh. How come Lag ticket na N2.5k while Abuja come be unjustifiable injustice be dis oooh. After we don pay all d high rent, una wan make we spend our chop money again...una think say peeppeee dey rest on the road 4 Abuja like dat or abi una no wan make we enjoy some jazz now..afterall, una get pelenti pelenti jazz musicians 4 lag? Inshort, i dey vex too mush oooo

Anonymous,  6:12 pm  

I want to go, but why is the Abuja one so expensive? Why should we have to be the one to pay the cost of hotel and air ticket bills. I protest about this outrageous charge.

Then again, who cares what I think. The organisers probably think I am not their target audience. So I better just shrruup!! I don't understand why everything in this goddam country has to be so exclusive and for the elite.

and I can't believe Jeremy is helping to promote this. Maybe you are in on it.

Anonymous,  9:50 am  

Salamander cafe is a joke. They are so greedy! imagnie paying $30 for an omelette and two cups of coffee. Just outrageous.

I don't know if jeremy is actually in on it, financially speaking, but he is implicated in its ideology.

He thniks of himself as a "cafe phiolosopher" therefore he must support the "cafe".

he also once replied to a thread on abuja expats telling someone who complained about the prices in salamander to stick to something more "their level", like mama cass or mr biggs.

Anonymous,  8:42 am  

I don't see the time?...

Anonymous,  2:10 pm  

it was a great concert... "if you go marry ijaw woman, you must give her ogogoro... or she go run away!" lol...

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