Monday, January 26, 2009

Bollywood in Yoruba

Hilarious. Thank you Mr Cole.


The End 6:44 pm  

....this (your new layout) is 'very' excellent. You make me want to blog again. Why are you trying to keep us in the loop?

i will be following your blog as soon as I restore all my links

thanks for the vid

ps: was planning to read and leave silently without posting a comment...In fact, I have come to the conclusion...jeremy you are using English juju


Ms. Catwalq 7:24 pm  

Q:S'anjonu ni won abi eyan?
A: Obo lasan ni won....

My food flew out my mouth...

Anonymous,  5:11 pm  

This made me weep with laughter. Fab!

Anonymous,  5:12 pm  

This made me weep with laughter!

Rodelinda 5:14 pm  

This made me weep with laughter!
More! More!

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