Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asa in the Big Apple

Here (Jan 19). You people are so 2006. Thanks Lanre for the headzup.


Olu,  10:39 pm  

"Her early life in the City of Light left the little girl with only the vaguest of (happy) memories, since she was no more than two years old when her family returned to live in Nigeria.."

Is this another ignorant assertion? Unhappy chilhoods a consequence of growing up in Naija ?

Anonymous,  9:34 pm  

And its sold out! Bummer! Wonder why it took her this long to get to the US! Pls pray tell, is she playing elsewhere???

Anonymous,  1:35 am  

I think its messed up there was no publicizing of this show and then the entire thing is sold out:(

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