Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nigeria on Uncyclopedia

A little bit funny: here.


Aaron Rowe 1:34 am  

Wow! The collective wit of hundreds of anonymous morons...

try this from newsbiscuit.

username: bugmenot
password: bugmenot

Anonymous,  4:26 am  

Nothing remotely funny about that, Jeremy. Not least the beginning that calls the country 'Niggeria'. Probably written by some dumb crackers.

yodude,  6:17 pm  

Here's a good one...

Report on Yar'adua's victory by The Onion

Anonymous,  7:18 pm  

Depressing that you should find something funny that calls Nigeria "Niggeria", and references a website called "Niggers". I have no pity for those from the West who fall victim to fraud as they are also greedy themselves.

Anonymous,  7:23 pm  

Still waiting for the belly-laughs. And I have a keen sense of humour.


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