Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mensch, bloke

In my new role as water-fetcher for the compound, I decided we really needed to load up with a good 200 litres (4 kegs worth) this eve to see us through to tomorrow midday. After the grunting, Yetunde (sis-in-law) squeezed my stomach and said, "Uncle Jeremy, you are a bloke." At which point, I become confused. Further discussion alerted me to the fact that in Nigerian English, a 'bloke' is the perfect guy - think Fola Adeola, Lanre Olushola and co. Nice to be in such suave company..


Anonymous,  7:28 am  

lol ...To compare yourself to Fola Adeola. The cheek!!! Not quite there yet buddy!

Waffarian 10:01 am  

Jeremy, I can imagine you feeling all professional in your new role, director of "water fetching"...I swear I would not want to be there...I can already imagine how annoying you will be. Sitting and calculating everyday how much water everybody should use, etc.

I must warn you though, this new role you have carved out for yourself will bring great stress...

I know, I was once in charge of water fetching and suddenly I found myself waiting outside the bathroom ready to pounce on those that used more than I had "allocated" to them..

Mogaji 11:55 pm  

Well all that workout from lifting 50 kg each morning is finally paying off. Going off to google the epitomes of nigerian beauty fola and lanre. they had berra be hot

Bwari Boy 7:03 am  

She is deceiving you man. Bloke any day any time refers to the likes of Peter Andre.

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