Friday, January 30, 2009

Where did all the money go?

Brilliant example of online infographics at their best (explaining why the bail-outs won't work), here.


In my head and around me 1:38 pm  

Interesting read...

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C. Ezeh 2:11 pm  

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Mike,  8:17 pm  

Chexk out Zeitgeist II - a free to download movie which describes the money system and it problems. Zietgeist I looks at God, 911 and money and is also worth a look.

A group called Money Reform in the UK are attempting to put forward alternatives to the present system but not sure anyone with the power to change things is listening - or wants to listen...

Anonymous,  8:18 pm  

OMG! I didn't understand a word of that. Simpler explanation please...

Anonymous,  8:59 pm  

mike it's so easy to get sucked into these conspiracy theories,having said that, the statistics at the beginning of the film I can not but help but have this shuddering feeling that it’s true…..

Anonymous,  9:05 pm  

saw Zeitgeist I very interesting defintely going to see II...

Anonymous,  12:12 am  

pleaseee see the movie i really pray that the revolution happens!!!now with this generation, my generation so that our children can have a sustainable world....

jeremy have you seen the film?? what do you think...

Mike,  10:18 am  

@Anonymous 8:59 - yeah consipracy theories have to be considered very carefully before endorsing them.

With regards to 911 there is so much evidence and the investigation was so flawed that there are certainly very very serious questions to be answered by the Bush administration. I have been involved in the campaign for a reopening of the 911 investigation but unfotunately people like Penn & Teller and ill-informed journalists are dismissive. In their dismisiveness they have thrown out the theory of momentum and other physical 'laws'. (Check out for an explanation of the physics.)

Unfortunately most people don't believe that their governments could be so heartless - yet when you look into 911 you see the crazy schemes that the US and other governments have come up with and sometimes implemented.

Additionally, crackpots come up with schemes and theories for 911 that include lasers, no planes, holograms etc etc. Some of these are well intentioned, some are from government agents but both have the same effect - to discredit the campaign.

What really pisses me off is when people say that the idea of a conspiracy theory is insulting to the families who lost loved ones on 911. WTF! I can't even start to comprehend the logic of that but it is churned out time and time again.

Of course now that there is a black president in the US all of this is going to be straightened out - right?

Anonymous,  4:11 pm  

after seeing the movie..
I'll say ehmmm ..wrong!!!

Mike,  10:02 pm  

ehmm which parts wrong?

Anonymous,  6:39 pm  

take a sit, grab your popcorn, your 3D glasses(sometimes you gonna need to take them off to see if this is really happening) and enjoy the show.. in other words just wait and see.. got front row seats by the way...

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