Sunday, January 04, 2009

Final pics

1. View from the bedroom, Oyster Bay Hotel

2. Tomb to Christianity, Zanzibar

3. Tippu Tip's house, Stone Town.


CodLiverOil 12:53 pm  

Vous etes revenu - bienvenu!
Je dois dire, cette l'isle de Zanzibar est belle.
J'espere votre sejour etait bon.

Waffarian 3:31 pm  

I am too jealous to write anything.

Onibudo 4:03 pm  

Your pics bring back loads of memories of Stone town. I miss late night at Africa house watching the moon make love to the waves and raunchy bonga flava grooves wafting onto the balcony. I miss the mysterious Zanzeberi sisters bodies shrouded in dark veils eyes and hips promising thousand delights. I miss the dark shores of Themba with its undisturbed beaches and friendly people. Thanks for renewing buried memories.

Blue in Green 2:19 pm  

Jeremy, you are asking for my bulala o! Hope you are not thinking anything silly because I spotted her before you. I'll propose when next she visits. You know who I am talking about. It's the lady in red? Yes, the one reading the book with the red cover. In the photos, somewhere below. I think her name begins with a 'B'.
So independent,
and beautiful.
I envy the man she settles to marry. He will be a very happy man indeed.
Happy new year TO YOU BOTH


AustynZOGS 9:20 pm  

Welcome back.I can see that you and Bibi had real fun in Tanzania.Thanks for the beautiful pictures.Gave some glimpse of what its like out there.
Looking forward to another year of interestin blo postings from you.

FF,  12:07 am

Hey Jeremy...grim topic but I wonder if you could put this out. Welcome back by the way.

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