Sunday, January 25, 2009

MMA2 dialogue snippet..

Woman in uniform at scanning machine says to woman loading her shiny expensive-tacky purple bags next to me onto the conveyor belt: I like you.

Tacky purple bags woman: silence plus blank expression

Uniform woman: I said I like you.

Jeremy (stepping in to help the discussion along a bit): I think she likes you.

Uniform woman (mostly to me): I want her to say thank you.

Jeremy (feeling cheeky): So, if you like her, how do you like her? Does it make you a lesbian?

Uniform woman (frowning): How can you say that? I hate that word. I am a married woman, and I have children.

Jeremy: This may all be true madam, but one can still be married, have children and be a lesbian. No be so?

A few metres forward onto flight side, and the silent yet adored woman's bags appear. They were very purple, and quite shiny.

In Nigeria theatre is always possible, at any moment.


Akin 12:09 am  

Hello Jeremy,

Gosh! (My comment about the change)

Always finding an opportunity to upset the Nigerian apple cart, I presume :-) (My comment about the lesbian suggestion.)



yemisi ogbe 5:32 am  

you are such a riot!

Anonymous,  10:35 am  

Imagine this is the same Yemisi Ogbe with the article on NEXT on Peppersoup. Such a delightful read. I look forward to more culinary delight from you. A different way to write recipe.

And Jeremy, the existing image of the efo is vile. Maybe Nigerian food doesn't photograph well. you guys should stop putting up Nigerian food pictures it makes it look so unappetising. Nigerians are conservative eater, so here is your opportunity to introduce them to other cuisine and get madam Ogbe to write more. Her writing did more for me than the horrid images you guys keep serving us.

Funke 4:33 pm  

nigerian food photographs very well jo. i would recommend looking at the lagosia website if it is still up, i heard they were closing their doors. those pictures inspired me to serve nigerian food in a whole new way.

Anonymous,  7:22 pm  

i agree with Yemisi on this one!

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