Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kemi Adegoke, MP

My former blog sparring partner, Kemi Adegoke, has been selected by the Tories to run against Tessa Jowell in the Dulwich and West Norwood constituency at the next election. See here for a mini interview (taken from here).

Despite our political differences, I'm really chuffed for her. She has just the right levels of feistiness and smarts to push Jowell off her perch.

Kemi's blog is here and her facebook page is here.


Kemi 11:19 am  

Thanks, Jeremy.
Not sure I ever really sparred with you on your blog. Most of it was offline.

In fact most of the sparring I recall doing on here was defending you when the zombies were giving you a hard time for daring to criticise Nigeria! And then I got busy and it got boring.

What a short memory you have!

Haven't been on here in almost a year. Might actually do some browsing :-)

Invinsible Black River... 1:55 pm  

The name sounds very familiar. Wishing her all the best but I think politriks may require a lot more than just being feisty. More seriously, I am sure her team does have what it takes to secure the seat. I am in support, yes!

Kunli,  9:57 pm  

Well, considering the level of her comments on your blog in the past, I'm not surprised that she is a Conservative. So much is explained.
I hope that her political adversaries make the connection between the loud and foul mouthed Kemi of Naijablog and the prospective political candidate; and have a field day with her comments. She fits so well with the suave image of New Conservatism.

Anonymous,  3:21 am  

A Nigerian Tory. What rubbish! I sincerely hope she loses.

Anonymous,  7:14 am  

I cant believe someone who came across as so nasty can be so hot. I wish her all the best. She should take a chill pill, there is a thin line between airing your views and insulting others.

supportallnaijas,  9:58 am  

I definatly remember her comments! Wudnt classify the language as foul but she definatly didnt take any nonsense from others here. the above comments must have been on the wrong side of her tongue-lashings lol lol lol!!!!!!!
I am happy for her jo. Naija haterade is too much. Someone in jand is doin something that may put us in a good light and others are already here to drag her down. Just goes to show we Naijas are our own worst enemy.



Chad 10:03 am  

Do your have a boyfriend? This is a serious question? It might decide the outcome of the election?

Anonymous,  12:17 pm  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Oguro,  6:12 pm  

oh no!!! Kemi's a Tory!!!

Kody 9:14 pm  

Good luck to her, but I have to say, from the tone of her response to Jeremy's post, I get the impression she would seriously get on my nerves with her false sense of superiority. But then, one should expect nothing else from a Tory...

Kody 9:26 pm  

Jeremy, I am always intrigued by the comments that you delete (in this case 12.17pm), and why. Profanity? Un-proven accusations? What? Judging from the stuff you do post, one can only imagine the stuff you don't!!

Anonymous,  7:47 am  

obscenity more like :-)

Aronke,  9:44 am  

heeyyyyyyyyy KODY!!! Dat is ehn, i bin dey tink say i be di only gbeborun. I'm soooo curious, jeremy, biko wetin im talk wey you delete am? Please na, share. all the nasty salacious gozzips and tins

Kody 9:10 am  

Jeremy - don't be boring. Would be good to know so I can occassionally flirt with the threat of deletion :-)

Anonymous,  1:57 pm  

l wish you all the best kemi.Go for it girl

Lost at The End 1:33 am  

Ha ha...The deleted post has left in its absence a trace of meaning.

It's probably best left unposted.

Give Kody some work to do. Might just figure it out.

Fred 7:29 am  

Wow, there are more like me in the world?

Not that the UK version of conservatism is anything to hurrah over, it's better than the alternative: Jeremy!

(Happy New Year, J!)

Kene... (Dulwich),  12:09 pm  

I write this with a keen sense of responsibility and hope to put my thoughts through without animosity.

Kemi happens to be running for my constituency seat. As a fellow Nigerian, I had become a fan even prior to learning her views and policy positions - in any case I have never voted Tessa Jowell anyway. Sadly, reading more of Kemi's views has shown me she has little substance - which is very unfortunate as I had hopes of voting for her. She seems to me to be the sort of empty candidate that thrives on cantankerous comments that lack intellectual depth and rigour (multiple degrees cannot disguise a weak mind and character)! I think she is a Tory candidate simply because she is star-struck by Cameron. I have noticed that she has stopped blogging (which is rather strange for a young candidate who works with computers). My sense is that the Tories have gagged her because the more she speaks, the more she exposes that she is an intellectual and character light weight - even the Tories must know this by now. This strategy may work as the electorate might just vote Tory (because they are sick of Labour) without knowing who they are voting for.

I'm all for supporting fellow Nigerians but not one that would be put into a seat in which she would fail because she is not ready. I no longer want Kemi to represent my constituency, my race or nationality in parliament. I think her awful people skills would make her dreadful in constituency surgeries. Tessa is now a far better choice than her and I will be voting her at the next election.

I hope that Kemi works to further develop a stronger intellect and character - it would make me proud to vote a competent young Nigerian in a future election. For now, she won't get ready by the next election and would fail to achieve much even if she makes it into parliament right now.

Anonymous,  9:04 am  

Even in the wave of strong anti-labour sentiments, my constituency today rejected Kemi Adegoke and her brand of unpleasant politics. I will have more to say about this later. I hope she now commits herself to building the character and capabilities that could enable her win in future.

Democracy does work from time to time.

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