Monday, January 26, 2009

Template wahala

Ok so I seek the wisdom of the crowd. I get the sense there is universal aversion to the new look.

Can someone recommend a blogger template? I don't like any of 'em...

Bear with me while I faff...


Shubby Doo 11:52 am  

pele...sha try this site:

i use the template Newspaper III and it works great but it has a great selection of others

Anonymous,  2:10 pm  

no no noooooooo.......

Aronke,  3:00 pm  

my treacherous mind is beginning to get used to this....

Ms. Catwalq 3:44 pm  

Uncle Jereh,
this one no you don return the oyinbo picture, we are back in business...

The End 6:47 pm  

Thought I had arrived on a different blog...

The End 6:48 pm  

Thought I had arrived on a different blog...

Kody 7:23 pm  

Its your blog and all, but nooooooooo no no. As they would say in Ghana -'Bros, this is not werking for me'.

The font will do but on first visit, one would mistake it for a church website (you being Pastor Jeremy)

MsMak,  8:38 pm  

I think it looks fine. People just need some time to get accustomed to the change.

Waffarian 10:11 pm  

where are the links to the different news/newspapers websites?
I wan craise finish for here cos na ya blog be my getway to the different relevant news sites.

This is not werking for me either.

Jeremy 12:04 am  

just for you Waffy, I stayed up late and sorted it. Hope it works for you madam...

nneoma 9:16 am  

i'm going to go out on a limb here, but i personally like the new template....change is a little difficult for many to handle, but i think its fine....though i will add that I am not a big fan of the mountainview banner...looks a little too been there, done if you could use those yoruba bowls that you posted some time ago as the banner off to the side - the template would be perfect...of, course, i have no idea how you would go about doing that.

Waffarian 10:59 am  

Yippeeeeeeeeeee! now my mornings are back to normal. Let me go get coffee...thanks Jeremy, yes, it now werks for me.

maitumbi,  6:08 pm  

I kinda preffered the previous template

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