Sunday, January 25, 2009

New layout

Time for a change and a new template for this blog. I'm still fiddling about with it so it might change a bit more. Easier to read innit?

I know what you're thinking: "what a cliched noncy mountain picture in the header. He'll be writing endless poetry next.."

That, I'll have you know, is a magnificent shot of Gashaka Gumti National Park, looking east towards Cameroun, from near the summit of Gangirwal, the Mountain of Death...


Aronke,  9:46 pm  

WTF????? Saw this and had to check and make sure i had the right site. I DON'T like it. I don't like change. I HATE change!

Lost at The End 9:54 pm  

Okay, I don't like the new layout, but I've read enough of Garcia Media Blog to know not to say anything.

I don't want to be the typical reader who detests a website makeover and ends up liking it from sheer habit.

Ms. Catwalq 10:30 pm  

Uncle Jereh(on the two Es, put the sign doh and mi in consecutive order),
Men, I bin think say I miss road when i land here jam template wey be like say I go dey read some kind philosophy. I restart my laptop sef...

I miss the old one joo. Na im i dey take demo say I sabi oyinbo blogger...but i realise man gats to upgrade...

Anonymous,  3:36 am  

dude!!! What happened!! Ya gotta give warning before attempting change...oy vey!!!

Anonymous,  3:36 am  

cud we at least vote on this? Yes we can??

Anonymous,  10:37 am  

oga jerri, you go let us vote on dis O! I hate this new one.

Anonymous,  11:05 am  

sorry don't like it either.. don't feel comfortable reading something on the left of the page withthe links on the right... makes me nervous somehow.

Anonymous,  8:25 am  

loooove it!!! change is always good, jeremy. you do yo thang.

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