Friday, May 22, 2009


Secret Diary 8:17 pm  

Hey, you are a risk taker! You are brave! Your suggestion that Italians are corrupt to an Italian barber with a sharp razor behind your neck is very, very risky. For all you know he could be a Mafioso with a fiery temper pretending to be a calm barber. Abattoir workers and barbers are skilled at carving with sharp objects. I’m glad you didn’t say anything “offensive” about Catholicism. Once I heard his slight Italian ascent, I feared for your safety. I took a quick glance at his hands to make sure he’s not giving you that hair cut with a cutlass or lawnmower. You’d better hire a beefy bodyguard right now cos it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let’s just hope and pray that he's not put “a contract” on you for your comment :)

maitumbi 9:29 am  

Recorded this with that phone? Hmmn, I'd hate to have sex with you.This guy should sue you.

Untitled 12:51 pm  

Jeremy are you getting fat or what? Must be Bibi looking after you...

Anonymous,  3:07 pm  

Jeremy, is your barber also your shrink? lol

Ms. Catwalq 2:13 am  

The Extended Family...coming soon, to an industry near you...

Baba,  3:39 am  

Oh my God, you go to a hairdresser? Like isn't that for girls??

J,  7:07 pm  

The heightened pomposity of it all. Are you really that self obssessed?


Kody 2:48 pm  

There you go, voicing the same old stereotype Jeremy. I hope he gave you a really bad haircut and left you with a bald patch at the back :-(

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