Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've been travelling around the North on assignment for the EU -from Maidugiri to Kano (currently somewhere between). This morning, leaving Damaturu early in the morning in a Land Rover with a driver who spoke no English, we came across a tree trunk across the road, with a broken down lorry in the middle of the road ahead. As we drove around the trunk, about twenty men raced towards us from the bush, threatening to throw bottles filled with a yellowish liquid. My first thought was that they were petrol bombs. Luckily, the driver reacted quickly and we reversed at speed, the engine screaming. As we reversed, more men appeared from behind us. At one point, I thought we were done for, but we managed to manouver away. The marauders accosted a lorry that ignored our signs to stop. In the distance, I saw them drag him from the car, like ants attacking fallen fruit. Eventually, enough lorries and cars ganged up behind us for us to make a charge. The robbers melted away before we approached.

More on my Northern trip in a few days (including some fab pictures of baobab landscapes)...


BK,  4:27 pm  

dear oh dear...Glad you're ok.

Fred 4:31 pm  

In the grand tradition of Stevenson!

Excellent, wish I were there when this happened and I had my AK74, ooooh, what fun!

Omodudu 5:38 pm  

Living in Nigeria is like one of them hollywood movies.

Nomad,  6:32 pm  

Good to know you are safe. We had a similar experience in January on our way from Port Harcourt to the Owerri airport. Because we were being transported by one of the oil companies, we had police escorts in about three trucks. Halfway there, some villagers started stopping all the traffic; robbers were having a field day ahead! I wondered about the expatriates traveling with us...with the kidnappings and all. Oh, of course we stopped for while,until the all clear was given.

mochafella,  6:41 pm  

Sounds familiar. Had a similar experience along the Maiduguri-Damaturu highway in '02. Was heading to the NYSC camp in Potiskum. We drove onto the shoulder to avoid the trees on the road.

supermandru 6:49 pm  

omodudu, that's exactly what I wanted to say. Glad you're alright man.

April 6:51 pm  

Gosh! What an experience! Take care while you travel.

Meanwhile I can't wait to see your pictures of the baobab landscape.

Anonymous,  7:56 pm  

Good thing you weren't in the Niger Delta. You might not have been so lucky.

Some white fools were stupid enough to go off into town for a beer. The sorry chaps were promptly abducted by militants in the area.

Semper,  8:47 pm  

Exciting! Extra sweeties for the driver I think!

I won't be showing this to the Missus since I hope we'll be doing the Abuja/Maiduguri road run and a few others this year.

Are the armed robberies worse than 4 years ago do you think?

Anonymous,  10:42 pm  

Pam pam pam! Action!

So sorry. 'Hope you weren't too flustered. Pele.

2plus2,  10:58 pm  

Ok, tell me the next scene. Like a "B" holloywood movie. Greetings to madam

Anonymous,  11:36 pm  

Glad you survived a situation that could have been bloody and deadly.

sennyb,  12:17 am  

oro buruku pelerin; ( i really don't know the word for word translation) but relieved to read no one was hurt; Godspeed on your travels.

Talatu-Carmen 7:48 am  

oh, my gosh, I'm glad you are ok!!

Bitchy 9:30 am  

You were NOT kidding... woke up this morning and wondered if i'd dreamt that text! Christ... Terrifying stuff. Glad you're okay. I will definitely be taking several armed mopos with me on my road trip (if I go that is... I'm a chicken! Sqwaaauukk!) Xxxx

PS Just picked up 'Measuring Time' will tell you what I think next week. I'm quite excited. Stay SAFE oh xxx

Naijadude 5:25 pm  

Living in Nigeria? Never ending near- life/death experiences.....ooh well!

Dami 5:27 pm  

Good thing you're okay

did you take any action pics?

thanii 8:02 pm  

Oh la la.
Glad you're OK.

Nilla 10:18 pm  

Sorry oh!

My Talking Beginnings 12:15 am  

some SOB has hacked into your lagoslive website...

p.s good thing you are safe.

Chxta 8:01 am  

Thank the Almighty for little mercies.

BabaAlaye 8:12 am  

Ladies and Gentlemen....

Introducing the new Bond.

Jeremy Weate.

Bond Girl.Bibi.

Now showing at Silverbird Cinemas.

Toks- Boy 1:09 pm  

Grand Master Jay. Glad you are okay. I cannot belive that you go to these places without beef. Will need to have a word when we meet up next week. Those fools probably reappeared as soon as you guys drove past.

Olawunmi 3:51 pm  

that must have been scary. glad you're okay though. its a shame that security is such a low priority for this administration. nigerians have never been less safe in their own country.

my consolation is that the powers that be must leave office one day as well. if justice has a sense of humour, an ex-this or ex-that will get shot by armed robbers.

the rich also cry...

glad that you're ok. thank God

Gbemi's Piece 5:38 pm  

Na wa o. All in one day? Thank God you guys all got together to gang up on those thieves. I have never heard of any such collaborative efforts in the face of such danger in Naija.

LM,  6:03 pm  

Glad you are ok. Please, please always go next time with mobile policemen. Thank God for His mercies


Thank God you are safe. Please remain safe while on your journeys.

AbujaBabe 4:48 am  

Loving your Blogg.... Sorry to hear you were ambushed.. but nah soo for Naija never know when or how but something mads always gonna happen...

Loving your pics of the north..
Brings back alot of memories of my road trips to Kaduna, Zaria, Kano and Katsina just to mention a few...

I Love the way the landscape changes from state to state especially driving from the lush greens of Benue through, Akwanga and the Platues of Jos to sand nearing desert in Zaria...

Sampling all the delicious Kwili Kwili Suya on the way... Hmmmmm

It's Amazing how Katsina and Lagos are in the same Country!!...


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