Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to Abuja

Back to Nigeria - I need a holiday after exhausting myself in London and the UK. In the past 12 days, I have:

1. Been to the cinema six times:
Notes on a Scandal
The Last King of Scotland
Blood Diamonds

Met with the following six Naija-bloggers:
UK Naija
Sisi Oge
Christian Writer
Bitchy in the City
African Shirts

Been to the theatre twice:
Pinter's Rock and Roll
Chekhov's The Seagull

Been to the Midlands, visited Cambridge.. Shopped like a madman, walked for miles around central London, been caught with not enough money on my Oyster card on a bus, visited the London Film School and met with various friends..

Been to the sacred eating palace Mildred's once (never enough), and to my favourite Thai place in Soho (Patara). And still I feel like I've just scratched the surface. Now its time to pack and look forward to being in the warm again..


Uche,  3:17 pm  

I call it "Having the best of Both worlds"....U r just one lucky cat ain't ya??

em 3:52 pm  

u met chxta huh? is he as controvesial in person as his blog usggests? do a piece on him

Dami 5:26 pm  

did you give them your abuja addy when you were caught by tfl officials? ;-)

LM,  5:48 pm  

Sigh. Nostalgic.....

My Talking Beginnings 10:19 pm  

sounds like you had a nice time!! Haven't seen any of those moives except babel which i didnt like very much. Looking forward to seeing notes on a scandal, was it any good?

erm dami, sounds like you have some experience in that!

Tokini 2:38 pm  

Was Babel any good? Have heard from some that it's boring, and from others, that it's "profound" (In my vocab, "profound" = "boring + educational").

Bitchy in the City was pleased to meet you too! Having two accounts is making me feel a tad schizophrenic. I think I prefer the anonymity the Bitchy account allows

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