Saturday, February 24, 2007

Public health advertising in Damaturu town

Yobe has one of the lowest rates of HIV infection in the country, at 1.1%. This is a good example of a localised information campaign, in Damaturu town.


Yosh 6:55 pm  

lmao! OMG, that got me and everyone around me, rolling!

Fred 7:41 am  

Who cares about HIV when there's Allah's anger? shiver!


Well, I am all for doing whatever it takes to keep HIV infections down. But, couldn't they have spell checked?

Yosh 6:03 pm  

@Solomon: There's something with the way Hausas pronounce words. Pipty = Fifty and Fineapple = Pineapple...some issues with using "P" and "F" in words and sentences. Same goes with "assuarance"... lol, I just can't get over that one! :)

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