Sunday, February 11, 2007

Down School Lane

This is a scene from the walk of my memories and my ancestors memories, looking South towards the A5, the old Roman road of Watling Street (which ends at Marble Arch in London).


Tokini 2:33 pm  

Watling Street... brings back memories (good or bad? I'm not sure). A-Levels... Medieval History... The trials of Alfred the Great and Ethelred and all the Ethel-somethings as they bobbed along Watling Street slaying and being slayed by vikings. Perhaps I'm mixing them up with the Conqueror and the Godwins. Did Godwin (or was it Harold or Howard or somebody) not sprint along Watling Street too when he heard the Conqueror had landed at Hastings?

Oh dear... the memories are indeed fuzzy. You would think I learnt all this 10yrs ago.. should I be worried?

Are you glad to have left the snow and rain behind J?

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