Saturday, February 24, 2007

The civil servant's office


TheAdvocates 6:22 pm  

God, this reminds of me of my days in Kenya. Civil servants with too much files scattered around giving out the 'all-too-important- impression that corrupts the whole state. Somethings never change, I guess.

Fred 7:44 am  

Fucking mess. How does he get anything done in that dumpster?

Oh, I forget, he's a Civil Servant. They don't do shit but sit there and look pretty for the oyinbo man's camera.

Kevin 9:34 am  

It's easy to criticise civil servants (I do it myself), but some of them are doing work.

In my experience the ones with untidy offices are often the hardest working, they don't have time to tidy up or a team of messengers and assistants to do everything for them. The piles of paper are incoming work that has been dumped on them from higher up.

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