Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Vals Day

Valentines Day seems to be a big thing in Nigeria. People don't just buy cards/flowers to those they admire, sisters buy brothers and brothers buy sisters cards, and everyone says Happy Valentines Day (our pa bought Bibi and I a joint card this morning). Its all a bit strange - it was never that big a deal when I was growing up. I sent one card once when I was 11, but I can't remember ever receiving one. It seems that it has become a globalised phenomenon, celebrated from Timbuktu to Tipton. The only way to explain it is in terms of capitalism requiring a little energising of the system in the long interval between Christmas and Easter..


Fred 2:46 pm  

In that case, Happy Valentine's Day, grouch. ;-)

Anonymous,  3:49 pm  

happy val jeremy. I like the naija style of giving val card to all unsundry.

uche,  6:13 pm  

I think the whole thing is just a marketing scheme. Its same thing here, (states) the stores advertise their Valentine's day sales like it's Christmas!! Oh well, without trying to sound like the grinch of Val's day!! Happy Valentine to u too...and hopefully Naija men, esp the married folks, tryna show some love to their Sidekicks and jumpoffs will be doing so wisely w protections....cos it wont be a wise thing to give the main madam all that headache w their stds n ish!! I'm jes saying!!

ABENI 7:33 pm  

Stop being such a cynic. Happy Valentines Day, enjoy the day!!!

Calabar Gal 1:29 am  

Happy Valentine Day. Hope you've repented now and given bibi a real good treat - or did she give you one instead? Hope you two had a lovely time.

Bitchy 11:53 am  

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Jeremy... Might I suggest getting on the bandwagon next year? You might just enjoy it. To illustrate, my mother always thought the Big V a waste of time until my dad started showing up with cards and flowers. Every year I see her get more excited and my dad grins and takes all the praise and reward for implementing my wonderful ideas. All women to an extent are mushy, EVEN feminists. Teehee! xxx

Omohemi Benson,  7:11 pm  

Happy val,
Mine was awful.

Hope u had a nice day

BOA 1:59 pm  

"Valentines Day seems to be a big thing in Nigeria."


"People don't just buy cards/flowers to those they admire, sisters buy brothers and brothers buy sisters cards,"

FALSE FALSE ... The average Nigerian would be too embarassed to buy a val card for a friend or family member... Valentine's day is defined strictly along ROMANTIC lines...


"..and everyone says Happy Valentines Day"


Jeremy 2:06 pm  

Sorry boa that's not true. I had a valentines text message from my sister-in-law! Definitely valentines day is not just about boyfriend-girlfriend romance in Nigeria.

Anonymous,  4:49 pm  

of course it is not just for the romantic. my ex-driver sends me a val text.

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