Sunday, February 04, 2007

Naijablog sub-genre

I've just discovered a whole sub-genre of erotic nigerian blogs. All are 'parental advisory':

Excessive diva lots of group sex on this one
Guy horny uk based dude
Randy naija - Nigerian based sexaholic

There's a few more out there. It seems to be an enlarging phenomenon..


Anonymous,  6:55 pm  

Sometimes, do you ever feel that these people are lying about their wild escapades?

Fred 1:35 am  

Erotica ni, erotica ko. I agree with anonymous, liars all! :-)

2plus2,  8:37 pm  

Jeremy, be serious. Tell me you know one Nigerian that would honestly admit having (1) mastubated (2) had a wett dream (3) had all these sexcapdes. Life just gets more interesting with the internet.

Anonymous,  9:33 pm  

I agree with anon1 and Fred. The stories do seem a little embellished. Soft porn meets mills and boon!

Anonymous,  7:50 am  

maybe they are maybe they are not. our sexual fantasy and sexual life are usually indivisible. You will be surprised as to the content of the sexual fantasy and practice of some of my fellow Naijas.

Anonymous,  9:38 pm  

@ Fred, ah-ah now, gove these people some credit nah. Nigerian's will admit to anything on the internet because they know they can hide behind a false identity, no-one will ever (hopefully) find out they wrote what they wrote.

If I told you about the escapades of a girlfriend of mine, you wouldn't believe it. She looked like butter wouldn't melt, and all her boyfriend's parents (yes, all 4 of them) loved her to bits and thought she was the perfect wifey material. If only they knew.

She confessed to being a nymphomaniac, said she had to 'get it' at least 3x a week, and as such had three boyfriends in London and one in Yankee. What she thought would happen to her abun-na if she didn't have sex 3x a week, I still ask myself today. Only God knows how she managed to hide them all from each other.

What if I told you that I had sex in the back seat of a car with my then boyfriend, parked beside 3 large blocks of flats in a side-road minutes from the main road where anyone could have crept up on us or been peeping through their windows, would that seem so unbelievable?

Or if I told you I had sex in the back of a car (the car seems to be a recurrent theme abi?) right outside my house at night while my parents were at home?
Or if I told you I asked my best friend's sister's boyfriend to divirgin me and had sex with him in my house, two doors away from my parent's bedroom while my cousin was in the same room asleep?
What about an all girl orgy?

Well, all the above stories are true, the thing is that every story needs a little but of embellishment in order for it to be legible and interesting. There's a difference between saying 'I ate her pussy' and 'I made love to her pussy with my tongue and lips, delighting in the taste of her juices'. See what I mean?

So, my point is, Nigerians get up to a whole lot of naughty antics, some you would find very difficult to believe. What makes it unbelievable is that when you compare their antics with yours, their stories and experiences seem so much more outrageous.

I'm happy that our people are breaking out of their conformist, sometimes pretentious....what d'you call it...albeit behind the relative anonymity of the web. We're finally admitting that we are human after all and do normal human things like have sex.

Treat these stories with caution, but at the same time, keep an open mind. P.S does anyone know what has happened to Excessive Diva's blog? When I tried to access it a few weeks back, several porn sites came up on my screen, and now it's saying it doesn't exist.

Anonymous,  9:39 pm  

P.P.S wonderful blog by the way.

Anonymous,  9:39 pm  

P.P.S wonderful blog by the way

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