Monday, February 05, 2007

The first online Nigerian wedding?

Taurean Minx says 'yes' to Baba Alaye. Meanwhile, TM's nemesis Vera also says yes to Guy Horny. Numerous groupies who dreamt of bagging the Lagos big boy Baba Alaye will have to sob into their pillows. Or are they having us all on? The blogsoap continues...

As you can tell, I'm finding ways of distracting myself from finishing a report.


Calabar Gal 10:53 pm  

Ha HA Ha!! You're keeping tab on all these blog romances too like the rest of us all?!?!?!!? I hope it all remains sweet and rosy for all the lovebirds.

Anonymous,  2:09 am  

So I see you have been following the blogville pendng nuptials. I fnd it so hilarious!
I have read some of your posts, the one about the househelp I find it very intriguing and scary at the same time. I am planning in the near future of relocating and I am very scared of having to rely on househelp, for all my day to day needs. Keep me posted as to how your situation works out. I have started a blog recently at Check it out and tell me what you think.

JJ 3:05 am  

What a good choice for distraction, we are all sucked in by all this romance going on in bloggerworld.

Omohemi Benson,  9:33 am  

Don't worry it is a worth while distraction. lol!

Abeg go finish your report o!

TaureanMinx 12:11 pm  

lollllllllll! Thanks for announcing the upcoming Nuptials. You are all invited to the wedding.

Go and finish your report jo!

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