Sunday, February 18, 2007

How to ruin your Sunday

Why do we do this to ourselves? Bibi asks me to go and buy the papers (we still have the UK Sunday ritual hard-wired into our habits), so I dutifully trudge off to buy Dis Day and Gaydian. After 45 mins, I am utterly depressed at the neanderthal attitudes and crappy production values. I know this is perhaps the twentieth time I have moaned about the diabolical state of the print media in Nigeria, but each time one opens the newspapers here one is shocked by the pathetic lack of standards and the stone age mentality.

I begin Sunday in a dark cloud of disgust. What to do? Go and make flapjacks!


culturalmiscellany 10:04 am  

LOL, you sound like MrO. He likes the papers on a Sunday. Me, I go straight to the kitchen and do the cake making. Different priorities entirely :) He was reading the Nigerian papers yesterday like you, he didn't sound overly enthused. I just get bored with the Nigerian papers as the articles are too long. In addition, there is God this and God that splattered throughout which really irritates me. I love God but I wish they'd appreciate the revernce of his name more. I feel like they use iit more like a lucky charm.

Anonymous,  2:43 pm  

My sentiments exactly. The articles are so disjointed and difficult to follow.

Dotun 7:11 pm  

I can't believe you are also writing this, I just concluded a Nigerian-press bashing article in my blog too

Anonymous,  1:39 am  


As you are so disgusted with the state of Nigerian newspapers why don't you launch your own? You can make it an internet only newspaper.. ask for contributors to submit stories..make it like the make interesting reading as most people inside and outside Nigeria get their news about the country from foreign news sources as they seem to know more about the country than the people living inside it.

Let's go! It's a brand new Year

Anonymous,  3:32 pm  

can u please post a recipe for flapjacks?

Toks- Boy 8:31 pm  

Suggest you read them online. That is the best way. You can pick put the headlines you want to read and also don't end with up with ink poisoning!

snazzy 11:17 am  

The major nigerian newspapers are case studies in what happens when there is no incentive to improve. These guys are pretty much minting money as it is. It will take either a really dedicated editing team at one of the major dailies or a new entrant into the market dedicated to quality that could possibly change the rubbish that obtains.

St Antonym 7:27 pm  

Sahara Reporters (online) is excellent though.

They don't always escape grammatical gaffes--that one is genetic for Nigerians--but the courage and intensity of their work is inspiring.

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